Important Dates

Want to know when your date of Registration is?

  1. Log in to your MyShasta Account
  2. Click on the link in Green "My Shasta for Students"
  3. Under the Heading on the right "Registration", click the link that says, "My Registration Date and Time"
  4. If there is no registration date and time listed and you are either a:
    1. Continuing Student (currently taking classes)
    2. Returning Student (have taken classes in the past)
    3. A New Student who has met all of the requirements for matriculation, please contact the Admissions and Records Office at (530) 242-7650

For specific course listings, please refer to MyShasta

Summer 2015​  |  Fall 2015

2015 Summer Dates Description
March 27 Registration: Foster Youth & Former Foster Youth, DSPS students, EOPS students, Members of the Armed Forces and Military Veterans, CalWORKS students.  
March 31 Registration: Continuing students, TRiO students, and continuing Student Athletes.
April 1 Registration: New & Returning students
April 14 Registration: K-12 Students
June 15 First day of class - Summer 2015
2015 Fall Dates Description
April 17 Registration: Foster Youth & Former Foster Youth, DSPS students, EOPS students, Members of the Armed Forces and Military Veterans, CalWORKS students.  
April 21 Registration: Continuing Students with 45.0 to 99.5 units earned at Shasta College, Students with 100 or more units earned at Shasta College with a successful petition
Registration: Trio Students & continuing Student Athletes
April 23 Registration: Continuing students 30-44.5 units earned at Shasta College
April 28 Registration: Continuing students 15-29.5 units earned at Shasta College
April 30 Registration: Continuing students up to 14.5 units earned at Shasta College
May 5 Registration: Shasta/NorthState Promise students (Tue 3-7pm,
Wed-Fri 3-5pm)
May 11 Registration: Matriculated new, returning, and transfer students
May 15 Registration: Gateway to College & College Connection students
May 19 Registration: Continuing students who have been on probation for two consecutive semester. Continuing students 100 or more units earned at Shasta College.  Non-matriculated continuing students who enrolled prior to Fall 2014.
May 28 Registration: Special Admit/Concurrent enrolled 11th -12th grade 
August 3

August 4
Registration: Special Admit/Concurrent below 11th grade

Non-Matriculated students who first enrolled Fall 2014 or after
August 17 First day of class - Fall 2015
August 28 Last day to drop & receive a refund full-term class*
September 4  Last day to register/Add a full-term class*
September 4  Last day to drop a full-term class without record*
September 7  HOLIDAY - Labor Day
September 8  ​Census Day for full-term classes*
September 25​  ​Last day to declare pass/no pass option for full-term classes*
November 11 ​HOLIDAY - Veterans Day 
November 13  Last Day to withdraw with a "W" on record for full-term classes*
Nov. 16 - Jan. 2  ​Filing period for Associate Degrees
​Nov. 23 - Nov. 27 ​Thanksgiving week - No classes
​December 18  ​Fall Semester ends
​*Date for short-term classes will vary. Please check with Admissions & Records

·         Continuing Students are students currently enrolled at Shasta College.

·         Returning Students are those who attended Shasta College in previous semesters but are not currently enrolled. 

·         New Students are first time attending any college.

·         Transfer Students are those who have completed courses at other colleges or universities.

·         Concurrent students are those who are concurrently enrolled in grades K-12. 

·         Matriculated students are those who have completed orientation, assessment and developed a student education plan (Title 5, section 58108).

·         Semesters are full-length terms. Summer term is not considered a semester. Semesters are considered consecutive on the basis of the student’s enrollment so long as the break in the student’s enrollment does not exceed one semester (Title 5, Section 55031).

Students who first attended Shasta College Fall 2014 or after must complete an orientation, assessment and develop an education plan and remain in good standing to enjoy priority enrollment. A student may appeal the loss of priority enrollment status due to extenuating circumstances or where a student on academic or progress probation demonstrates significant academic improvement. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accidents, illnesses or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. Significant academic improvement is defined as achieving the minimum grade point average and progress standard established in section 55031 for the term. Please see a Counselor for possible matriculation exemptions. Units completed at other colleges are not used in determining registration priority.​