​California Residency Application

If you have been classified as an out of state resident, you can apply for California Residency by providing documentation to show you have met each of the following requirements for at least 1 year and 1 day: Physical Presence, Intent to make CA your permanent residence, and Financial Independence. Below are samples of documents you can bring in.

​​California Residency Application Process​
  1. ​  Download and complete the Residency Application PDF.
  2.   Submit the completed application and supporting documents to the Admissions & Records Office or      by e-mail to residency@shastacollege.edu

​Must provide one item from each category below
1. ​​Physical Presence
  • ​California state tax returns​​
  • ​Unemployment Documents​
  • ​Official rental or lease agreement​​​​
  • Escrow papers​
  • ​AFDC or CalWorks Passport of Services​​
  • Utility bills for 1 year​
​​​2. Intent to make California your permanent​ residence
  • Driver's license / CA identification card
  • ​​Professional Practice Licensing
  • ​Vehicle registration
  • ​Selective Service Registration: California
  • ​voter registration​

3. ​​Financial Independence​​
If you are 24 years or younger, you will need to provide proof of financial independence
If you are 25 years or older, you may skip this step

  • REQUIRED: parent tax returns
  • Loan Paperwork
  • ​​Student Tax Return​
  • Trust Paperwork
  • ​Bank Statements