Step 1: Declare your Educational Goal​​

Research and declare your educational goal with Admissions and Records. All declared goals must be  offered in the Shasta College catalog found here: Shasta College Catalogs

If you are unsure of what your goal may be, please make an appointment with a Counselor and discuss goal  options. You can make an appointment here: Counseling

​​Step 2: Complete Enrollment Requirements​

Submit your FAFSA, complete all 
Steps to Enrollment and register for classes listed on your educational plan. Also, submit all high school and/or other college transcripts to Shasta College Admissions and RecordsOffice. When you meet with a counselor ensure that all course equivalencies, from other colleges, have  been assessed.  

Step 3: Complete ​​Required Courses​

Successfully complete your classes listed on your educational plan. It is highly recommended to meet with your counselor regularly to ensure that you are on track for completing your major within the established timeframe.

​Step 4: Submit Degree Application​

Submit your Application for Degree and/or Certificate a semester before you complete your goal. This allows evaluators to double check your course completion for your declared goal and confirm you are on track for graduation/completion. Application found here: Degree and Certificate Application​

Degree and Certificate Application Early Filing Periods:

​​​Application Type ​Term Completing ​Application Filing Period
​AA/AS/AD-T Degrees and/or Certificates ​ Spring-2019 or Summer-2019 ​9/5/2018-11/30/2018
AA/AS/AD-T Degrees and/or Certificates​ ​ Fall-2019 ​2/4/2019-3/29/2019

Note: Students can submit a Degree and Certificate Application at any point in time, however the timeframes listed above are highly encouraged.

​Step 5: Complete your Final Semester​

Complete your final semester with Shasta College and walk in the annual commencement ceremony.  Two months prior to commencement an email will be sent, with additional information, to those students who have indicated they would like to attend commencement. More information on the annual Commencement ceremony found here: Graduation Information

​Step 6: Request Transcripts

You can request transcripts to be sent to the college you plan to transfer to, or for employment verification/purposes here: Request Transcripts

If you are transferring to another college, see our Transfer Site here: Transfer Center

All diplomas and/or certificates will be mailed out as soon as possible.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at Commencement!!!

Note: Shasta College Admissions and Records Office shall evaluate and post any degree and/or certificate students are deemed eligible for automatically. If a degree and/or certificate is posted, students can request the degree and/or certificate to be removed by submitting the request in writing to the Admissions and Records Office. Students must submit the Degree and Certificate Application in order to participate in the Commencement ceremony and to be considered for specific degrees and/or certificates which have not been evaluated.

For questions regarding degree/certificate evaluations, please contact:

Rochelle Morris

Student Services Specialist



Admissions and Records:

Phone: 530-242-7650