High School Student Programs

Shasta College has many programs available for high school students ready to gain a head start on their college careers. If you are a high school student thinking about enrolling at Shasta College please contact your high school Counselor for additional information.

Contact Us: 530-242-7650

​Concurrent Enrollment 

​Earn college units while still in high school and get a head start on your college career!

Visit the Concurrent Enrollment Page for additional information. 

Dual Enrollment

Gain Access to College level coursework while attending highschool. All classes are located on high school campuses throughout the district.
​Visit the Dual Enrollment Page for additional information.

​Gateway to College

An Alternative education program that allows high school students, who are behind in credits, to complete their high school graduation requirements through classes offered on the Shasta College campus.

Visit the Gateway to College Page for additional information. 


​College Connection

An alternative education program which establishes a unique partnership between Shasta College and the districts in the Shasta College attendance area. Selected seniors will attend Shasta College on a daily basis concurrently earning both high school and college credit.

Visit the College Connection Page for additional information.