Important Fee Information

When you register for courses payment is due by midnight of the day you register or you may be dropped from your classes. If you are unable to pay enrollment fees in full you may qualify to set up a payment plan.**

Payments may be made:

  • In person at the Business Office, Admissions & Records, or at any Extended Education Campus.
  • Online via MyShasta using Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.
** Payment plans can be created on My Shasta by clicking on "Nelnet Payment Plans" beneath the "Financial Information" heading. a $25 processing fee will be applied, and a 50% down payment is required to establish a new payment plan. If you have enough pending/awarded financial aid to cover your fees, you are not required to establish a new payment plan. 

Note: See important information concerning the California College Promise Grant​ that may help with fees

​2019-20 Fees
​Registration Fee
$46.00 per semester unit for all students
Student Representation Fee (optional)
$2.00 per semester
​visit the Student Senate Page for details
Student Health Fee
$21.00 per Fall/Spring semester 
$18.00 for Summer Semester
Student Event & Activities ID card Fee (optional)
$10.00 per semester
visit the Student Senate Page for details​
​Campus Center Fee
$20.50 per fall/spring semester
$16.50 for Summer
$30.00 per fall/spring semester 
$15 per summer semester
or $2.00 per day
Oregon Reciprocity Fee
$73.00 per semester unit
​​Baccalaureate Program
$130.00 per semester unit
Out of State Resident (OSR) Registration Fee
$280.00 per semester unit 
($234/unit OSR + $46/unit)
(The Health Fee may be refunded to students who reside outside of CA, depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization or for students who are attending a community college under an approved apprenticeship training program. If you would like to appeal the Health fee, please use the Request for Health Fee Refund Form
*ALL FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY THE STATE LEGISLATURE. If the State Legislature enacts a fee increase retroactively, students will be billed for the difference. KEEP YOUR ADDRESS CURRENT.