Counselors provide academic, career and personal counseling services to help you successfully achieve your goals. These services are available through the counseling department on campus, at extended education locations, and through specialized programs.

Academic Counseling

  • Assist you in clarifying your educational goals
  • Recommend classes for you based on your goals
  • Help you design education plans
  • Interpret assessment results
  • Provide accurate information about certificate, degree and transfer requirements  (see Transfer Center for additional transfer-related services)
  • Evaluate acceptance of coursework from other institutions
  •  Address academic and/or progress probation issues
  • Identify ways to improve study skills and performance in class
  • Help you understand college policies and procedures, including financial aid
  • Provide referrals to other support services

Career Counseling

  • Help you clarify interests, skills and personality traits as they relate to potential careers
  •  Assist you in exploring career options and paths
  •  Provide current occupational and labor market information
  • Direct you to useful resources for researching careers
  • Offer career-related workshops and Career Choice class

Personal Counseling

  • Provide referrals to on-campus and community services
  • Offer support and assistance in dealing with personal problems
  •  Help you identify steps you can take to address issues relating to finances, child care, relationships, anxiety, etc.

Specialized Counseling

  • Transfer
  • EOPS - serves low-income, disadvantaged students
  • PACE - serves students with physical, learning and emotional disabilities
  • TRIO - serves low income, disadvantaged students interested in transfer
  • Veterans - contact Rob McCandless, veteran's counselor.
  • Athletes - contact Jason Kelly, athletic counselor
  • Puente - Idalia Huckman-Crye, Puente Coordinator in Red Bluff