Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Qualifications
  2. Job Search
      a. applying for jobs
      b. campus jobs
          - teacher assistants
  3. Job board
  4. Job Search Preparation
      a. Cover Letter
      b. Resume
      c. Interviewing
  1. Fees
  2. Job Placement 
      a. Job Order Form
      b. Posting dates
  3. Job Filled 
      a. Job Removal

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Qualification and Procedure Statement (top)

We are glad to offer you job opportunities. Many employers utilize this service because of the reputation Shasta College students have earned as being responsible and professional. To maintain the quality and integrity of our referrals, we urge you to follow these important guidelines.

  • Pre-screen yourself to be sure that you meet the requirements listed on the job order. Be sure that you are willing to travel to the area where the job is located, and that you can work the hours and days listed. If there is flexibility in the hours, that will be noted on the job order.
  • As a representative of the college to employers, you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • You may use the phone in our office to contact employers listed with our service.
  • Please notify us if you have been hired or find out that a position has been filled.

Job Search (top)
We have several locations on campus where we post local employment opportunities for students. You can find our Job Boards in the Cafeteria, the Library, the 100 building, the 800 and 2200 buildings, and right outside of our office, room 126. You can also view the jobs online! If you have a question about a particular job, give us a call, 242-7728 or stop by our office and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Job Application (top)
Job application process varies from employer to employer. Instructions are provided in the job description on the Job Board. The Student Employer Center does not collect applications for the job listings unless specified.

On Campus Jobs (top)
The Student Employment Center does not maintain a "list" of On Campus job availabilities. It is best to visit the department you are interested in working. However, when we do receive job orders from on campus departments, they will be posted on the job board under the "On Campus" category.

Teacher Assistants (top)
Similar to On Campus Jobs, we do not maintain a list. Students who are employed as Teacher's Assistants often receive the job directly from their teachers. If you wish to be a Teacher's Assistant, it is best to ask your current teachers or teachers from previous semesters.

Job Board (Open/closed jobs)
The job board is updated on a regular basis. When new job orders arrive, they are posted within 1 to 2 days. Visit the board often if you do not see a position that meets your requirements.

To the best of our knowledge, job orders on the Job Board are open. However, some jobs will be filled without our knowledge, as the Employers has not informed us. If you have been informed that the job(s) have been filled, please let us know, so we can remove them from our listing to keep the board current.

Job Search Preparation
Before applying for a job and interviews, it is recommended that you should have a Cover letter, resume and any documents the employers requests.
If you need assistant with creating a cover letter and resume, please stop by our office.

Cover letter (top)
The cover letter should be in a business letter format and no longer than 1 page. Within the body, it should describe your talents and experiences, reasons for applying, a brief description of the company (to show that you've done your research) and how you will fit into the company and help the company increase sales, productivity, and so on. If you need assistant with a cover letter, please stop by our office.

Resume (top)
There are various formats for resumes. It should contain your contact information, an objective, your work experience, other job related talents and experiences, and education.

If you need assistant with creating a resume, please stop by our office. We have an easy to use program (WinWay Resume Deluxe) that you may use to create a cover letter and resume.

Interviewing (top)
If you are interested in learning and/or reviewing the "do's & don'ts" for interviews, please stop by our office. Within the WinWay program is a video step-by-step tutorial for the interviewing process.

The Student Employment Center does not conduct interviews for the job listings unless specified.


Fees (top)
There are NO fees for posting jobs on the SC Employment boards and website.

Job Placement (top)
If you wish to have your job orders posted on the Employment boards on campus, you can mail, email, or drop off flyers at our office. They will also be posted on our website. Contact information can be found on the contact us page. You may also fill out an online job order form to speed up the process.

Please be advise that we do not take job orders over the phone as our time is limited to the office and students' needs.

Job Posting Tips: There are a lot of jobs being posted on the Job Board. It is recommended to keep the job description to a couple of paragraphs. As students have a limited amount of time for job searching, students tend to over look job orders with lengthy descriptions and requirements. The job description should just be an overview of the position.

Please be advise that the Student Employment Center reserves the right to refuse, or to remove, any job orders without contacting the employer. This is to ensure quality job orders for students.

Job Order Form (top)
The Job Order forms are located on the Employers' page.

Business employers, simply fill out the form and submit it. It will not be posted automatically. We will review the job order before posting them to ensure the best quality of jobs are provided to the students. If needed, we will make necessary changes for clarity and format.

If you make a mistake on the job order, you can re-submit a new one with a note on the comment field. We will remove the old job order and post the newest one.

Domestic employers will have to print out the Domestic Job Order Form and either drop it off at our office (our mail box across the center, if we are closed), mail or fax. Your signature is required, please make sure you have it signed or the job order will not be posted.

Business and Domestic employers must fill out the form completely. Your contact information will be kept strictly for our record only. It will only be used to contact you if we have questions regarding your job order. If we are unable to contact you, if needed, the job order will be removed or not posted.

Posting Dates (top)
In trying to keep our job boards current, when we receive job orders, they will be reviewed and posted on our website for a maximum of one month (30 days), unless stated otherwise on the job description you have provided or by contacting us directly. We will also contact you about the status of your job availability after 30 days.

Job Filled (top)
It is important for employers to notify us when the job orders are filled. We can then have the jobs removed from our listings to prevent any inconvenience to you and to the potential employees.

You may contact by phone or fill out the Job Filled Form located on the Employer's page and we will have the job order removed.

Job Removal (top)
As we try to keep the Job Board current, job orders older than 30 days will be removed, unless we are contacted otherwise. On occasions, there will be jobs still posted that are older than 30 days. While we assume the jobs are still open, it is important for employers to notify us of its status.