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COVID-19 and ​​Enrollment Services

(This information is subject to change.)
Dear Students,
Please know that we are working diligently to ensure we are supporting you during this time to provide continued access to you. Please follow the link to view our Frequently Asked Questions, click here! 

Welcome to Enrollment Services!

The counseling faculty and staff who work in Shasta College Enrollment Services have one shared mission – to assist you in registering for classes at Shasta College and continually moving forward in reaching your educational goal.  Whether you are enrolling in classes at one of our campuses or taking classes online, a full range of services is available including assessing which classes you need to start with in math and English, choosing classes in your major area of study, applying for financial aid, looking for a part-time job, and eventually applying to transfer to a 4-year university or to get a job in your career field.


As part of the Student Services division, Enrollment Services is responsible for all the steps necessary to help students enroll in classes, pay their fees, and access their formal education records.  At the same time, we recognize that deadlines and regulations can impact the progress students make and we are available to answer questions and direct students to the correct resources or offices.


The Enrollment Services office is located in room 124 in the main administration building (100) on campus. Our website is updated regularly and we are available via email or phone (530) 242-7654 and (530) 242-7656 as well. Please let us know how we can help you.


Timothy Johnston, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President of Student Services /
Dean of Enrollment Services​



James Konopitski,​ BA
Administrative Secretary I
(530) 242-7654

Amy Speakman, AS
Administrative Secretary I 
(530) 242-7656 


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