​​Shasta College Payment Plan Option

Updated July 2018  

For students who are not able to pay their tuition balance in full at the time of registration, Shasta College has partnered with Nelnet to offer students another option. Nelnet is a company that specializes in campus commerce to make payments easy for students and their families. 

Who is eligible?

 To be eligible for participation of a nelnet payment plan, students must meet the following requirements: 
  • Be a student for the semester in which the payment plan will be used
  • Not have any previous balance. Previous semesters' unpaid balance will have to be paid before enrolling in a payment plan
  • Must not have defaulted on a prior payment plan

What are advantages of the payment plan? 

  • Convenient and easy online enrollment
  • Allows a student's balance to be split over several months
  • Payment plans are interest free
  • Payment plans take into account pending financial aid
  • No credit check required

What are the costs associated with the payment plan? 

  • There is a $25 nonrefundable enrollment fee each semester a student chooses to utilize the payment plan option​. 
  • Students can choose to add a bank account or a credit card where the payments will be drawn from. If a student opts to use a credit card, they will have to pay a service fee of 2.75% per transaction
  • There will be a $30 returned payment fee if a payment is returned 

 How are students notified of payment information

    • After a student sets up their agreement, they will have a chance to print out all of the agreement information
    • Additionally, students will receive a confirmation email or letter of payment amount and due dates. Students will NOT receive a bill each month from Nelnet.


    What if a student has financial aid? 

    • If a student has sufficient financial aid funds to cover semester charges in full, they do not need to take advantage of the payment plan option. Please review your financial aid award letter, and contact the Enrollment Services office at Shasta College if you are unsure. Financial aid disbursements will pay off tuition balance, so please note that students will not receive financial aid funds until after their balance has been paid off.

     Can students who live in the dorms utilize the payment plan option? 

    • A student who would like to live in the dorms should contact the Student Housing Office at (530) 242-7739. Students will have to register for tuition first, and then their dorm charges will be added to their account so it can be rolled into an existing payment plan.​
    For further questions, feel free to reach out to the Enrollment Services office at (530) 242-7656 or via email at jkonopitski@shastacollege.edu.