​​Shasta College Payment Plan Procedure

Shasta College offers a payment plan which allows students the opportunity to make monthly, interest-free payments during each semester.

Shasta College Payment Plan Procedure

  • 50% down payment required on balances over $40.50. Down payment may be waived if Financial Aid ​has been awarded. A copy of your Financial Aid award letter is required.
  • Remaining balance to be paid in up to 4 monthly payments, due one week after the posted Financial Aid ​disbursement dates. All fees are due by one week after the final Financial Aid disbursement date of the term.
  • Payment Plans are issued through Enrollment Services in Rm. 124, generally between 9am – 11:30am & 1:30pm - 4pm, Monday – ​​​Thursday and 10am -11:30am on Fridays.

PLEASE NOTE: Students that are in default and have unpaid balances on a prior payment plan are INELIGIBLE for future payment plan participation.

Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

The terms listed below apply to all sections of the Payment Plan and must be agreed to by you as a condition of enrolling in a Shasta College Payment Plan:

  • I am responsible for paying each of the installments on time even if I do not receive a reminder notice.
  • I am responsible to pay my fees in full even if I do not attend classes. I must officially withdraw to obtain any available refund/reduction of balance. (Please refer to the Shasta College Refund Policy.)
  • If I partially withdraw from classes, any reduction in the cost of registration will be applied against the remaining balance due on the installment payment plan.
  • In order to add a class, I will update my Payment Plan with Enrollment Services and take a photocopy of my agreement to the Admissions & Records window. The additional cost of registration will be added to my Plan and will be spread over the remaining scheduled payments.
  • Financial Aid is handled separately from the Payment Plan.
  • If Financial Aid or scholarship proceeds are released/awarded to me after my Payment Plan has been executed, the proceeds shall be applied to the current term balance. If there is a balance from a previous term, payments will be made directly by me.
  • Payment Plans do not incur interest.
  • I understand that failure to make my payments does not constitute a formal withdrawal from the college.
  • I understand that my failure to pay fees owed to Shasta College or otherwise defaulting on my Payment Plan will result in a hold being placed on my student account which will deny future services such as registration and access to official transcripts.
  • If I do not adhere to the agreement set forth in my Payment Plan and/or I do not make regular monthly payments on my account, my outstanding balance may be sent to an outside agency for collection.
  • I need to register for classes prior to setting up a Payment Plan. My Payment Plan must be issued on the same day I register to ensure my classes are not dropped for non-payment at midnight.