What is Shasta Summit?
Shasta Summit is a new program that is being piloted by a small, but growing, group of faculty, counselors, support staff and students. We launched the first pilot group in Spring 2018 at Shasta College. The main goal is to facilitate connections and communications between faculty, staff and students, in order to support student success. Faculty will be completing 3rd and 8th week Early Alert Progress Surveys, as well as have the ability to raise flags, and send Kudos and referrals throughout the semester. Counselors and designated student support staff will also be able to raise and respond to designated flags in order to support students.

Why Shasta Summit?  

Shasta Summit captures the geographical influence of the amazing Mt. Shasta in our region, but it also represents much more.  While one of the meanings of the word Summit is highest point of a hill or mountain, it can also be a meeting where people come together for a higher purpose.  We believe that Shasta Summit provides tools and resources that will strengthen relationships between students and staff, as they work together to achieve the summit of their higher educational and professional goals​.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Please refer to the tabs on this web page to access additional training information for faculty, staff, and students, as well as request help and review Frequently Asked Questions.