University Representative Visits

All University Rep Visits are done for the Fall Semester, 

please check back soon for Spring Semester Rep Visits

The Shasta College Transfer Center offers opportunities throughout the year for our students to meet one-on-one with college and university representatives from across the s​tate of California and the United States. These are wonderful opportunities for our students to ask these representatives questions in regards to admissions requirements, programs of study, housing, financial aid, and much more. To meet with a university representative please make an appointment through the Transfer Center. If the school you are interested in is not listed, please contact the Transfer Center.

The Transfer Center will also be hosting Skype sessions with Chico State, Sac State, and UNR admissions counselors, if you would like to reserve a space please contact the Transfer Center for more information.


​Date University​ ​Time Location​
​9/6 Simpson University​   ​11am-1pm ​Cafeteria Information Booth
9/8​ ​National University ​11am-1pm TBA
​9/14 ​UC San Diego ​9:30am-11pm
​Transfer Center-By Appointment*
Outside Cafeteria
​9/15 ​William Jessup University ​1pm-3:30pm ​Outside Library
​9/20 ​20+ Universities at Transfer Day   ​10am-1pm ​Redwood Grove Area
9/20​ ​UC Santa Barbara ​2pm-3:30pm ​Room 815​
9/21​ ​National University ​11am-1pm ​TBA
10/4​ ​National University 11am-1pm​ ​TBA
10/7​ Simpson University ​11am-1pm ​Cafeteria Information Booth
​10/18 Simpson University ​11am-1pm ​Transfer Center
​10/19 ​Chico State-Redding ​ ​11am-1pm ​Cafeteria Information Booth
​10/20 National University​ ​11am-1pm ​TBA
​10/27 ​Chico State ​8:30am-4pm Transfer Center:
On-The-Spot Admissions*
11/1​ Simpson University​ ​11am-1pm ​Cafeteria Information Booth
​11/1 UC Davis ​9am-3:30pm ​Library and By Appointment*
​11/2 National University​ ​11am-1pm TBA​
​11/3 Southern Oregon University​ ​10am-1:30pm ​Transfer Center-By Appointment*
​11/3 Sacramento State University​ ​9am-1:30pm ​Transfer Center-By Appointment*
​11/9 Humboldt State University​ ​9am-4:30pm ​Transfer Center:
Instant Admissions*
11/15​ Simpson University ​11am-1pm ​Transfer Center
​11/15 ​Chico State ​8:30am-4pm Transfer Center and Tehama Campus:
On-The-Spot Admissions*
​11/15 UC Davis​ ​9am-3:30PM ​Library and By Appointment* 
​11/17 National University ​11am-1pm TBA​
​11/29 ​UC Davis ​9am-3:30pm ​Library and By Appointment*
​12/6 ​Simpson University ​11am-1pm ​Cafeteria Information Booth
​12/8 ​National University ​11am-1pm TBA​​
​​​*All ​appointments can be made through the Transfer Center (Rm126) by calling 242-7570 ​ ​ ​