Transfer​ Day​​​​ 2018


​About Transfer Day

Transfer Day is an annual event hosted by the Shasta College Transfer Center. Representatives from various CSU, UC, California Private, and out of state colleges and universities will be in attendance. Transfer Day will be held in the fall semester each year on the Shasta College ​main campus in Redding. During Transfer Day, university representatives make themselves available to Shasta College students, faculty and staff. Students are encouraged to prepare transfer-related questions to ask these representatives. The following are some example questions: 

• What are your transfer admission requirements? 
• Do you accept IGETC or CSU GE patterns? 
• How much is your annual tuition? 
• Is financial aid available? 
• Do you have residence halls? 
• Do you have my major? 
• Is my major impacted? 
• If my major is impacted, what special requirements do I need to complete? 
• If I am not accepted in my major, what are my options? 
• Can I change to another major?​​​​​​