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What Transfers?

Should you decide to transfer to a 4 year university after earning your degree here at Shasta College, it is important you be sure the classes you’re taking will count at the University of your choosing. Below is a list of resources that you can use to ensure you make the most of your degree and your time spent here. 
As a rule of thumb, classes numbered 1-99 taken at Shasta College are CSU level courses and will transfer, but be sure to speak with a counselor to make sure because there are some exceptions.


 California Colleges

  California public universities (CSU and UC) and California community Colleges
  •  To check to see if the classes you are taking at Shasta College will be applicable at the school you are transferring to within California, follow the link below to the ASSIST website.
  Some California Independent Colleges and Universities accept completed IGETC or CSU GE Breadth      Coursework for Transfer Admission
  • (Click the link below to search by school)
   Approved CSU General Education courses at other Institutions ​​
  • ​Follow link below, then scroll to bottom of page for a list of resources.
  National University 

   University of the Pacific 


 Out-of-State Colleges

  Arizona State University
  University of Arizona
  BYU Idaho 
  Columbia College
  Eastern Oregon University

  Linfield College 

  Northern Arizona University
  Oregon State University 
  Oregon Tech (Oregon Institute of Technology)
  Saint Mary’s College 
  Southern Oregon University 
  University of Nevada Reno 
  University of Oregon


Western ​Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE)

Students who are residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming are eligible to request a reduced tuition rate of 150% of resident tuition at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state. The reduced tuition rate is not automatically awarded to all eligible candidates. Many institutions limit the number of new awards each academic year, so apply early. For more information and a list of participating WUE institutions please visit

If the school you would like to transfer to is outside of California and not on this list, please call the Transfer Center at (530) 242-7570 and see how we can assist you.