CSU Instant / On-the-Spot Admissions
What is Instant / On-the-Spot Admissions Day?
The event provides transcript analysis and advising to students seeking transfer to 
either Humboldt State University or 
Chico State University. Working in conjunction with Shasta College's Transfer Center, this activity occurs only in the fall semester and is designed to serve Shasta College students who wish to transfer the following fall semester only.
What do I need to do?
* Every Student who wishes to participate in Instant / On-the-Spot-Admissions Day for Fall admissions must first fill out the admissions application at www.csumentor.edu between October 1st and November 30th.
* All applicable transcripts from previous colleges/universities must be on file with the Shasta College Admissions and Records Office if you wish for them to be considered by the CSU Representative.
* You must schedule an appointment -- no exceptions.  Please contact the Shasta College Transfer Center to schedule an appointment with either Chico State or Humboldt State.
DATES:  To Be Determined. More information will be posted closer to the filing date.
CSU Chico: 
Shasta College Main Campus -
Shasta College Tehama Campus -
CSU Humboldt:
Shasta College Main Campus only -
* More information will be posted closer to the filing date.