Faculty Alumni Project

Degree/Academic Interest:  Nutrition, Food Science, and Dietetics

Pat Carlson
Phone Number: NA
Office Room Number:  NA
Degree/Academic Interest:  Business, Aviation
Andrea Williams
Phone Number: 530-945-9234
Office Room Number:  1310
Degree/Academic Interest:  Speech and Communications Studies
Terry Turner
Phone Number:  530-242-2363
Office Room Number:  606
Degree/Academic Interest:  Psychology and Social Work
Misty Rutledge
Phone Number:  530-646-6284
Office Room Number:  NA
Degree/Academic Interest:  Library Information Science and Urban Planning
Carolyn Salus-Singh
Phone Number:  530-242-2347
Office Room Number:  246
Degree/Academic Interest:  Law and Business Management
Ross Helmbold
Email:  NA
Phone Number: 530-242-7561
Office Room Number:  2208
Degree/Academic Interest:  Social Science, Teaching, Education, English Second Language (ESL)
Teresa Doyle
Phone Number:  530-242-2227
Office Room Number:  785
Degree/Academic Interest:  English, Teaching
James Crooks
Phone Number:  530-529-8968
Office Room Number:  Tehama Campus - 7315
Degree/Academic Interest:  Math, Astronomy, Finance, Physics
Iraja Siva-das
Phone Number:  530-242-2311
Office Room Number:  904

Degree/Academic Interest: Spanish, Bilingual Education, Multicultural Education & ESL Instruction
Ann Sittig
Email: ASittig@ShastaCollege.edu
Phone Number: 530-242-2243
Office Room Number: 919

Degree/Academic Interest: Agriculture, Ad Ed, Ag Business, Ag Mechanics, Animal Science, Range Science
Trena Kimler-Richards
Email: TRichards@ShastaCollege.edu
Phone Number: 530-242-2209
Office Room Number: 4001

Degree/Academic Interest: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Susan Sawyer
Email: SSawyer@ShastaCollege.edu
Phone Number: 530-242-2242
Office number: 748