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FKCE provides FREE classes in 

Shasta, Tehama and Trinity Counties

 These classes are designed for Foster and Kinship care providers to bridge the gap between questions and answers, and to develop the specialized parenting skills needed to care for abused and neglected children.   

For more information contact

Sheri Wiggins, FKCE Program Director 

 339-3611 or

Shasta College - Downtown Campus 

1400  Market Street, Room 8116

Redding, CA 96001 


Foster Care

 Whether you are new to foster parenting or are an experienced veteran, Foster Care Education provides FREE classes to enhance your parenting skills and increase your understanding of foster youth.  Training topics include:

• Preparing Foster and Adoptive families to care for children in the Child Welfare System
• Understanding the issues related to Reunification, Permanency Planning and Emancipation
• Preparing Foster and Adoptive families to care for children exposed to drugs and alcohol
• Addressing the special needs of children in the Child Welfare System
• Working with the Child Welfare System, birth families and the Courts
• Understanding the effects of abuse, neglect and trauma in children
• Understanding the experience of loss and grief in children
• Knowing community resources and how to access them

Kinship Care

Are you a grandparent, aunt/uncle, sibling, or other family member or close family friend caring for children? You are not alone! Relatives care for over one million California children. To give a child a home is an important and personal decision. Many questions and emotions may arise:

• Can I afford another dependent?
• How do I deal with the trauma, abuse or neglect the child has experienced?
• How do I deal with the child's parents now that I have custody of the child?
• How will caring for the child(ren) change my family dynamics?
• How do I deal with my feelings of guilt and loss?
• What community or legal resources exist?
• Should I pursue guardianship or adoption?

Kinship Care Education provides FREE classes to help answer these questions, enhance your parenting skills and increase your understanding of the child(ren) in you care.