​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Federal Direct Loans

Federal Direct Loan Application deadline for Fall 2018 only: October 31, 2018
Federal Direct Loan Application deadline for Fall 2018 & Spring 2019: April 1, 2019

Before you Apply:

  • ​Make sure that your have completed the FAFSA for the current academic year.
  • ​If you have not completed the FAFSA visit www.fafsa.gov to complete the application

Graduating or Transferring in Fall 2018?

Loan Exit Counseling is required!

  • ​Create an account with iGrad
  • After your account is created, complete Loan Exit Counseling
  • Print the Certificate of Completion and submit or mail to: 
    Shasta College Financial Aid Office. 
    PO Box 496006 Redding, CA 96049-6006

Important Notes:

  • Loan applications must be submitted in person with photo ID. 
  • ​If you are unable to appear in person, loan applications Mailed, Faxed, Emailed, left in the Night drop box must be notarized. Any applications that are NOT submitted in person or have not been notarized will be returned by mail, which will delay processing. 
  • Incomplete or altered loan applications will not be accepted. ​​

Stude​​nts who are:

Application Packets:

Our loan packets are created with specific types of loan borrowers. Please read the information regarding each packet. Select and complete the one packet that matches your situation:

​​New Borrowers

  • ​​A new borrow has never received a Federal Direct or has a Zero balance on Previous Federal Direct Loan(s)
  • ​Complete, print and submit the following form: 2018-19 Packet NB

​E​​xperienced Borrowers 

  • An Experienced Borrower has previously received a Federal Direct Loan(s) which are not currently paid in full​​
  • Complete, print and submit the following form: 2018-19 Packet PLB

High Loan Debt Borrowers**

Bachelor Degree Obtained Borrower**

  • A Bachelor Degree Obtained Borrower currently hold a Bachelor's Degree or the equivalent
  • Complete print and submit 2018-19 Packet BLC ​

Prior Defaulted Loan Borrower**

Note: If you fall into one of the groups with an “**”

you are considered a high risk borrower. In order for Shasta College to maintain eligibility to administer federal and state financial aid for all students, the college is required to monitor our cohort default rate. The cohort default rate is determined by the federal loan services when students become delinquent and/or defaulted on their student loans. The college may deny a loan request based on being classified as a high risk borrower, however the college will provide students in this classification the opportunity to explain their situation for possibly being granted additional loans.

Submitting Forms:

  • ​​​Submit Loan Packets in person, ONLY:
    Loan forms submitted by any of the following ways will not be accepted
    Mail, Fax, Email, Night Drop Box or anyone other than the student who is applying 
  • Bring your valid Driver's License or State Issued Picture ID: 
    Shasta College will make a copy to keep with your loan forms. 
  • Submit forms to any Shasta College Campus:
    Main Campus Address 
    Trinity Campus Address
    Tehama Campus Address
    Intermountain Campus Address​

I've Applied, What Now? 

  • A Loan cannot be processed until your financial aid file has been processed. 
  • Once your financial aid file is processed, it will take up to 6 additional weeks to process a loan
  • Communication will be via mail, your "My Financial Aid" screen through "MyShasta" and email. 
  • If approved, loan amounts will be added to your Financial Aid Award Letter. 
  • An award letter with your specific disbursement dates will be mailed to you. 
  • By law, the soonest a loan can be disbursed is 30 days after the semester begins. 
  • Questions? Contact Lorelei at 530.242.7704 or email studentloans@shastacollege.edu

Leaving Shast​​a College? 

LN -5 Management Things.png​​

Complete Loan Exit Counseling
Exit counseling is required when you graduate, transfer​, or withdraw. To complete exit counseling go to studentloans.gov. Select Shasta College as the college to receive electronic confirmation that you have completed exit counseling. 
Start repaying your student loan:
The federal government provides a range of flexible repayment options for Direct Loan recipients. For more information on loan repayment and your options visit 

Don't default on your student loans! 
ECMC provides free resources to Shasta College students to help manage your Federal Direct Loan.
ECMC is a non-profit service dedicated to helping students manage educational loans. 
To contact an Advisor, email or web chat, or call 1.877.331.3262.