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​13/14 Loan Application Period has CLOSED
Loan Applications for Fall 2014 & Spring 2015:
Check this page in August

Make sure you have completed all other Financial Aid Steps before completing the 6 steps for a loan. Access "How to Complete My File" or the "Financial Aid Overview" using the Financial Aid Menu for more information.​​​​

An Award Letter will be mailed to you using the U.S Postal Service with the loan disbursement dates.

The Shasta College Financial Aid Office is an experimental site for the U.S. Department of Education.  By applying for a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, you  may be  selected as a candidate to participate in the initiative. If selected additional commitments of participation will be required. Declining to borrow an Unsubsidized Stafford Loan will release you from all obligations regarding this participatory experimental site initiative.​

Check out these webpages:  
Loan top 10 things to do          Before You OWE​

Apply for a Student Loan - Complete Step 1 - Step 6:
Shasta College Financial Aid Office does not discriminate against any borrower or applicant in obtaining a loan on the basis of race, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, age, or disability status.

13/14 Loan Application Period: CLOSED

14/15 Loan Applicant​s:
Check this page in August for more information.

Click the following link for a: Student ​Loa​n Checklist
Step 1: Complete the Direct Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling
             Print and Submit a New Confirmation Page each year to Shasta College.

             Must be completed each year you apply for a loan at Shasta College.

Step 3: Print a​nd Submit the Shasta College Loan Request
             Specify a dollar amount; click How much may I borrow​ for information. 

Step 4: Print and Submit the Loan Borrower Wor​ksheet

Step 5: Submit a Copy of the Evaluated Educational Plan
             All prior units must be evaluated.​
Step 6: Deliver Loan forms & Bring your Valid Driver's License or State Picture ID
             A copy will be made by Shasta College to keep with your loan documents for security purposes.
  • Submitted in person to the Financial Aid Office or one of the following campuses; Tehama, Trinity, or Inter-mountain, all loan documents. 
  • Do Not Mail, Fax, Use the Drop box or send your loan documents with another person they will NOT be accepted 
  • Incomplete loan documents will be returned and altered forms will not be accepted.​
​​Status of Submitted Loan Forms: 
  • Your loan cannot be certified until your financial aid file has been reviewed.
  • "Processed" must be indicated on all documents through the "My Documents" screen.
  • View the certified loan amounts on your Financial Aid Award Letter.
  • ​Award Letter will be mailed to with your approved loan amounts as well as your disbursement dates.

Questions: If the Financial Aid Office has questions regarding your loan application you will be contacted.

Before You GO
Complete Exit Counseling:

Current and prior loan recipients must complete exit counseling and submit proof prior to processing any new financial aid (FAFSA) applications. Exit counseling submission deadlines will be posted to your "My Documents" screen through your student "My Shasta" account.

Please log into: 

  • Complete the Exit counseling
  • Print the page that provides proof that you have completed the exit counseling.
  • Submit the print out to the Financial Aid Office with your Student ID#.  

While the webpage indicates they will send your "Exit Counseling" electronically, you must print and submit confirmation of your completed exit counseling to the Financial Aid Office. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Students who are citizens of the Freely Associated States-the Federated States of Micronesia  and the republics of Palau and the Marshall islands are eligible for Pell Grants (citizens of Palau are also eligible for FWS and FSEOG) but are not eligible​ for federal student loans.

How are Direct Student Loans disbursed? 
The first disbursement will be 30 days after your initial semester begins. 
Funds are sent in multiple disbursements to your Higher One account. 
An Award Letter will be mailed to you with your disbursement dates and we will update the "Disbursement Schedule" webpage once we are notified of the dates.
If you are only attending one semester two disbursements will be made within that semester.
Direct Loans are prorated the last term of the student's program.
First-time loan borrowers are prorated per their enrollment status. 

​Vocational Nursing Students:
Vocational Nursing students are processed according to clock hours. Your payments will follow a different process.

What if I have other student loans? 
You will continue to receive information from your lenders about your previous student loans. Shasta College will provide enrollment information to your lenders to maintain your in-school status while you are in school (you need to be enrolled in a least six units). Do not stop current loan payments until you receive lender notification of in-school deferment; however if you encounter problems with your deferment status contact your lender.

What if I earned a Bachelors (BA) and am returning to Shasta College?
Once you have completed a BA:

  • You may receive the BOGFW  
  • You are not eligible for a FPELL grant
  • You are not eligible to borrow a subsidized student loan and should contact the Financial Aid Director regarding borrowing limits for unsubsidized student loans 
Federal Student Loans are required by law to provide a range of flexible repayment options, including but not limited to, income-based repayment and income contingent repayment plans, and loan forgiveness benefits which other student loans are not required to do.   Federal loans are available to students regardless of income.

Questions about the 1098E 

In December, students may receive communications from Great Lakes about their 2012 1098-E Student Loan Interest Statement, which will be available starting January 14, 2013. Although Great Lakes does their best to provide borrowers with all the information they need, inevitably, some will have questions. Great Lakes can help you with the answers. 

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