Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

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15-16 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
​Although there are more guidelines listed in the SAP Policy above, we will discuss the three most important standards to the Financial Aid SAP Policy: GPA, Pace and Quantitative. 

The student will be pl
aced on WARNING or INELIGIBILITY if the student does not meet all three standards​. Below is information regarding each topic.

​GPA (Grade Point Average):

This is the cumulative calculation of all prior course work grades at Shasta College.
Financial Aid GPA Requirement​:  Maintain a minimum 2.0 Cumulative GPA

Pace ​

  The total cumulative units completed vs. the ​total cumulative units attempted (including W’s) at Shasta College. The student must maintain at least a 67% cumulative pace. See Example below:
PACE Calculation.JPG 


The total number of units required for your major, not to exceed 150%, vs. the cumulative total number of units attempted by the student per the student's Comprehensive Education Plan. 


Once you are placed on WARNING, you will only be processed and funded for one semester at a time.
If you meet the three standards for SAP, the WARNING status will be removed and you are now in good standing with Financial Aid. 


Students who are placed on an INELIGIBLE status have not met one or more of the three standards of the SAP policy for a second time consecutively.
The student can clear the "Ineligible" status for GPA and Pace by completing all required SAP standards without financial aid funding. If the student is ineligible due to the Quantitative standard, a Quantitative Appeal Request must be submitted to be considered for further funding.
The student may submit a ONE-TIME Appeal Request. This process may lead to the ineligible status being waived.
It is the student's responsibility to understand their SAP standing.
While every effort is made to send a courtesy notice when the student is placed on warning or is ineligible, lack of timely receipt of this notification will not change the student's status. The student's SAP standing is viewable via the "My Forms START Here" screen through "My Shasta".

​ Request for Appeal:

Request for appeal forms are
available now for 2015-16.

Submit the form in person or by mail to the Shasta College Financial Aid Office or to one of the following outreach campuses: Trinity in Weaverville, Tehama in Red Bluff or Intermountain in Burney. 

You must submit your Appeal at least 2 weeks prior to the last date to withdraw from classes. 
The last date to withdraw from classes with a "W" is the last date the committee will review completed ​petition packets each semester.​


What happens after I submit an Appeal?

An Appeal Petition will be mailed to you after your request has been reviewed.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to give an exact timeframe regarding the length of the appeal process. Notifications regarding a student's appeal will be sent by email or mail. The appeal process can take a number of weeks, so it is best to plan for your semester as if you will not receive grant or loan funding.

Thinking about withdrawing from Shasta College during the semester?

Before making a decision to drop your classes review the many valuable resources Shasta College Student Services offers to help you succeed. Withdrawing during the semester will affect your Financial Aid SAP status and may affect funding you have received prior to the student's withdrawal date. 

Students withdraw during the semester for a variety of reasons.  Because financial aid is earned per day, the student may be required to repay funds. Financial Aid will calculate, as of the day the student withdraws, what the student has earned vs what they have been paid. If the student has received more funding than they have earned, they will be responsible to repay those funds.​

Students who owe a repayment will not be able to receive transcripts, register in a future term or receive further financial aid.