(SAP) Policy /Educational Goal Information 
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You must maintain satisfactory academic progress to receive financial aid.
These rules and regulations are very important to your education and success at Shasta College.  

Please read all of the information provided through the following link:
Note: Pace and GPA components have changes beginning 2013/14 academic year.

SAP Policy 13-14.pdfSatisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy 2013/2014

​                    Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement​: Minimum 2.0 Cumulative GPA                 ​

Calculating Pace and Quantitative

Pace Definition-Total cumulative units completed vs. total cumulative units attempted (including W’s). Must maintain at least 67% of your pace every semester.

Marge’s Fall Schedule

Class      Class​​ Type                           Attempted         Completed         Grade

 ART21A FREEHAND DRAWING                 3.00                 0.00                  F
PE16      AEROBIC EXERCISE                    1.00                1.00                   B
PE16      AEROBIC EXERCISE                    1.00                1.00                   A
HIST25   AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY    0.00 (3.00)     0.00                   W
SOC1     INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY               3.00                3.00                   D

                                                                                                                                               Term Credit:             8.00 (11.00)     5.00
                                    Cumulative Credit:  13.50(16.50)    13.50    

 Actual Cumulative Attempted:                16.50               13.50


​Completed 13.50 divided by Attempted 16.50 = .082 /82 % Pace

Quantitative Definition-Total number of units required for your major, not to exceed 150%, vs. your cumulative total number of units attempted.

Example: Associates of Science in Welding requires 60 units to complete, Marge has attempted a total of 70 units. 150% of 60 is 90 and Marge cannot exceed 90 units attempted. Quantitative status is 60 units required and 70 units attempted. In this case Marge would be in a “warning” status and would be required to submit an updated educational plan and funded one semester at a time.

Explanation of your Financial Aid Status


If you are on WARNING and only funded for one semester as a result of not making Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Submit a copy of your Shasta College Transcript, once ALL grades have been posted for the current semester, to the Financial Aid Office to determine your second semester of eligibility. 
Not sure if you are on WARNING?
Check your Financial Aid Award Letter, you will be processed for only one semester.

Students who are in an "Ineligible" status may submit a one-time "Request for Appeal" form to be funded for the current semester or clear the "Ineligible" status by completing all required SAP components and submitting a copy of the students unofficial transcript for SAP review.
A petition will be mailed to you after your request has been reviewed by the committee.

Complete, print and submit the form below to the Shasta College Financial Aid Office or
Trinity, Tehama or Intermountain outreach campuses


Important Information RE: Request for Appeal

Last Day to DOWNLOAD a 13-14 Request for an Appeal is: April 1, 2014

Last Day to SUBMIT a 13-14 Request for an Appeal to the Financial Aid Office is: April 11, 2014

Once the Request for an Appeal is received, a student will be mailed a Petition.​
Last Day to SUBMIT your PETITION is: April 23, 2014​

                                                   Request for an Appeal forms for 14/15                                                   

Available August 18, 2014       

Withdrawing During the Semester 

Thinking about withdrawing from Shasta during the semester?
Students withdraw during a semester for a variety of reasons; family emergencies, illness, military service, and job relocation. While you may be able to withdraw online, if you have any debt to the college, you must withdraw in person through Admissions and Records. Because financial aid is earned per day, you may be required to repay funds that you have received.

Withdrawing during the semester will affect your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress status and may affect funding you have received prior to your withdrawal. Financial Aid will calculate as of the day you withdraw what you have earned. If you have received more than you have earned, you will be responsible to repay those funds.

If you owe a repayment you will not be able to receive transcripts, register in a future term or receive financial aid until you have paid the outstanding amount. Before making a decision to drop your classes check your options with the many valuable resources Shasta College has to offer to help you succeed.