Shasta College Debit Card / Higher One
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Shasta College partnered with Higher One Inc, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to offer fast & safe delivery of financial aid funds to students.

Financial Aid Disbursements:
Students will receive financial aid Grant and Loan disbursements (also called refunds) via the Shasta College Debit Card. 
Who will receive a Shasta College Debit Card?
The Shasta College Card is mailed to every student who is enrolled at Shasta College and has a current FAFSA on file with the Shasta College Financial Aid Office. This does not mean you have been processed or are eligible for Financial Aid. It is critical that all students have a correct mailing address on file with Shasta College.
Your Shasta College Card will arrive in a lime green envelope. 
Activate your Card as soon as it arrives by following the instructions enclosed with the card. For a demo on how to activate click the “Activation Demo” link at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

How are disbursements (refunds) delivered to students?
  • Easy Refund:
    By choosing this option, you are opening a free checking OneAccount with Higher One and your Shasta College Card becomes an active Debit MasterCard.
  • ACH Transfer (Electronic Deposit):
    Enter your own banking institution’s checking or savings account information and have funds deposited into your existing bank account. Use your own bank’s ATM or debit card to make purchases or withdraw cash.​
  • Paper Check:
    By choosing this option, a paper check will be mailed to you from Higher One.
What is the OneAccount?
The OneAccount is a fully functioning FDIC Insured checking account with no minimum balance and no monthly fees. Selecting the OneAccount offers benefits such as:
  • FREE Internet banking feature
  • The ability to make purchases anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.
  • You may also withdraw cash with no fees at Higher One ATMs located by the Admissions & Records Office (Building 100) or the 800 Building ATM on the Main Campus in Redding or in the Student Lounge/ Room 7305 on the Tehama Campus in Red Bluff.
  • Parents and friends can easily send you money online with a simple e-mail and a linked bank account
Is the Shasta College Card a Credit Card?
No. The Shasta College Card is NOT A CREDIT CARD. However, you can use it for purchases at all participating merchants that accept Debit MasterCard, request cash at ATMs, pay bills and more
What is the maximum daily ATM withdrawn amount using my Shasta College Card?
You may withdraw up to $500 per day.
What is the maximum daily spending limit for my Shasta College Card?
$2,500 – contact Higher One’s customer service to request an increase to this amount.
What if I use my Shasta College Card at another bank’s ATM, what are the applicable fees?
$2.50 from Higher One currently, plus any ATM charge. Check the current Higher One fee schedule by visiting and click on "Fee Schedule" for more details.

We are limiting the non-Higher One ATM decline fee and the non-Higher One ATM balance inquiry fee to a maximum of one per day. Reminder - there are many free ways to check an available balance 24 x 7. 
What is “Swipe & Sign”?
Make purchases wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted. To avoid Pin fees, choose “Credit” when you Swipe your card and Sign for your purchases. When you do not see credit as an option, simply select "Cancel" or hit "No" for more options.
Smart reasons to Swipe & Sign :  
  • MasterCard Zero Liability Protection Policy provided by Higher One
  • Its 100% Free!
  • Prompt and convenient posting to your OneAccount 

Remember, when you Swipe – Sign!!  

What happens to my Higher One account if I do not re-enroll next semester?
For non-students, we will begin charging a monthly service fee of $3.95 for the OneAccount, if there is not at least $100 or more per month in direct deposit into the account.

A student OneAccount user is defined as individuals who have either received a refund deposit to their account in the prior six months or have self-identified themselves as a student on our program website. Higher One is open to working with clients to help maintain the enrollment status of their students. This will go into effect early January of 2013.
Lost and or Stolen Card Information 

Active Cards:
When a student has a lost or stolen active card or the active card is damaged there are two options to request a replacement:

  1. Log into the students Higher One account and under "profile" select "card status" then report the card lost or stolen or re-order a new card if damaged.
  2. You may call 1-877-334-1013 for Higher One customer service to request a replacement.

Inactive Cards:
If the student never received a card or lost a card prior to activation the student may request a new Shasta College Card by contacting Nancy Funk at (530) 242-7689 or Debbie Payne at (530) 242-7685 located in the Shasta College Business Office.

What if I have additional questions?
Higher One offers answers to your questions with Easy Help-their self-service database which can be accessed at or call 1-877-334-1013.
Note: If you have questions regarding when the Financial Aid Office will disburse funds to Higher One visit our Disbursement Schedule webpage using the Financial Aid Menu for more information.