​Shasta College Debit/
Higher One Card

​(530) 242-7700

Shasta College partnered with Higher One Inc, 
a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to offer fast and safe delivery of financial aid funds to students.

​​How do I activate my card?

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Why did I get this card?

Financial Aid grant and loan ​awards (aka refunds) are disbursed via the Shasta College Debit/ Higher One Card following this:
Disbursement Schedule
Who will receive a Shasta College Debit Card?

The Shasta College Card is mailed to every student who is enrolled at Shasta College and has a current FAFSA on file with the Shasta College Financial Aid Office.
This does not mean you have been processed or are eligible for Financial Aid. 

 How are disbursements (a​ka refunds) delivered to students?

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Some useful links from the Shasta College/
Higher One Card website: 

Students (Overview of Higher One)
Compare Accounts
Fee Schedule
Shasta College ATMs
Easy Help​​ (Featured Support Categories)

What if I have additional questions about the Higher One or the Shasta College Card?

Go to: 
Check out Higher One's:  The Inside Edge
Call Higher One: 1-877-334-1013

Lost, Stolen and/or Damaged
 Card Information

Active Cards
  1. Log into your Higher One account and under "Profile" select "Card Status". Report the card lost or stolen or re-order a new card if damaged.
  2. Call Higher One Customer Service at
    1-877-334-1013​ to request a repl​acement
Inactive Cards:
Students who never received or lost the Shasta College/ Higher One card prior to activation should contact
Nancy Funk at (530) 242-7689
Debbie Payne at (530) 242-7685
Visit the Shasta College Business Office, Building 100 Room 105