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Grant, Loan & Scholarship funding cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance​ for the academic year

Shasta College offers various ways to apply for scholarships

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Shasta College Scholarships

Shasta College scholarships are available once per semester:

August for Fall semester​
December for Spring semester

Available to currently enrolled returning or Transferring Shasta College Students and Graduating​ High School Seniors in the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District

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Shasta College Students may return to Shasta College next academic year or Transfer to a 4-year college university and receive our scholarship payments!

High School Seniors must attend Shasta College the semester following graduation to receive scholarship ​payments.

Click the following​ link for a list of 

​​Click the following link for a list of

Goldenstate Scholarshare Governor's Scholar Award                                   
Claim the Governor's Scholar Award by clicking on the following icon to be directed to the Golden State ScholarShare webpage:


AmeriCorps - National Service Award  

As of 6/30/14 - Summer AmeriCorps request cannot be processed.
You may apply for Fall 2014 and we will process your request.

Starting 2013-2014 academic year, AmeriCorps students must complete the FAFSA and be registered for classes​ before a payment request will be processed.

Steps for a successful payment request:

1. Complete the FAFSA

2. Register for Classes 

3. Wait for an email from Shasta College,
    re: Received your FAFSA

4. Complete an online AmeriCorps Request

Click the following icon to be directed to the AmeriCorps webpage:


1099 / 1098-T Information:

AmeriCorp is required to send a 1099 to the student. Shasta College is required to send a 1098-T to the student. This may cause IRS to count the "income" twice. Be sure to keep records and contact them if this issue arises​.

March 2014 Update:
Shasta College will not send a 1098-T for AmeriCorps Awards in the future starting with the 2014 Tax year.