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Grant, Loan & Scholarship funding cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance​.

Fall 2014 Scholarship Application Period OPENS: 9/5/14

​Shasta College​ Offers V​​arious Ways to apply for scholarships​

Shasta Co​​llege         External          Search Engines

Shasta College Scholarships​​

Sha​sta College scholarship application periods start and end dates:
August - October for Fall semester​​
December - February for Spring semester
General requirements to apply for any Shasta College scholarship:
  • Registered in​ a minimum of 6 ​units
  • Completed 12 c​ollege units by August 18, 2014 (Other college units meet this requirement)
NOTE: High School Seniors do not need to meet the general requirements​ ​
Who Can Apply?​
  • Currently enrolled Shasta College students
  • Shasta College students transferring to a 4-year college ​university next semester or academic year.
  • High School Seniors who will attend Shasta College next academic year​​
​How does it work?
The electronic application process will match your completed General Application and Imported Applicant Record information to Shasta College scholarship opportunities.

These opportunities will be listed on your "Recommended" opportunities page through AcademicWorks. Click "Apply" to complete supplemental questions and to submit your application for each scholarship opportunity on your recommended page for which you would like to apply.
The General Application requires 2 references; however, some opportunities require 3 references or may require specific reference sources. An email will ​automatically be sent to your reference from scholarships@shastacollege.edu. 
Be sure you notify your reference of our process.

  1. Obtain the email address of the person(s) you wish to use as a reference.
  2. Enter the email address an​​d be sure it is correct.
  3. AcademicWorks will automatically send an email to your reference.
  4. The reference will create an account and complete the electronic reference letter.
  5. Check the status of your request under the "Reference" tab in your AcademicWorks account.
If the following information is incorrect, you will not be matched to all eligible scholarship opportunities​.

Make Sure:
  • You are admitted to Shasta College and have a valid student ID number.
    A duplicate student ID number will prevent you from creating your account
  • You have a valid email address on file with Admissions & Records.
    Do not use an email address of another present or past student, it will prevent you from creating an account.
  • You have a current active Major on file with Admissions & Records.
    Click Major Codes - Scholarships 2014-15.pdfMajor Codes for a list of curr​ently active majors. "My Shasta" will list the major on file with Admissions & Records, if it is not a valid active major, it will not import to the Applicant Record. This will prevent you from being matched with the correct scholarship opportunities.
  • You complete the general application with accurate information and all fields are complete
  • You check the Applicant Record as this information is imported from the Shasta College Database.
    If incorrect information is listed correct the information with Admissions & Records..
  • You check your account often as we upload changes from the Shasta College database to AcademicWorks nightly. Allow 24 - 48 hours for these changes to post.
  • You contact the Scholarship Processor with any questions.
  • Y​our application has been "Submitted" by the deadline.
Start the Application Process:

Create your account and apply for Shasta College scholarships by clicking http://shastacollege.academicworks.com

DEADLINE: Sunday-October 26, 2014 by 11:59pm

Award Information will be emailed and posted to your scholarship account: Early-December

​Award Notifications:
An email notification will be sent from scholarships@shastacollege.edu when the selection process has been completed each semester. Log into your AcademicWorks account and review your award notifications.
These notification emails should be generated:​
Make scholarships@shastacollege.edu a "Safe-Sender".​​​​ ​
​​​All scholarships are ​subject to change without notice
​Payment & Thank You card Information
Click Scholarship Information and Sponsor Addresses Spring 2014​ for more on thanking your sponsor and claiming your award.​​​

External Scholarship Listings

​The Shasta College Financial Aid is notified by organizations in our community of scholarship opportunities for students. We provide this information as a service to our students and are not affiliated with the websites and/or links listed below. You do not need to be a Shasta College student to apply for these scholarships.

Be sure to read each site’s privacy policy to be aware of current practices regarding privacy and information sharing. (This listing is not an endorsement of any of these sites)

Click External Scholarship Listings​​ to view these opportunities

Rule of Thumb: Do not pay for a scholarship, if they ask for payment it could be a scam!
AmeriCorps - National Service Award Payment Request Information

6/30/14 -Summer AmeriCorps request closed.
You may apply for Fall 2014 now.
Steps for a successful payment request:
1. Complete the FAFSA
2. Register for Classes 
3. Wait for an email from Shasta College,
    re: ​Received your FAFSA
4. Complete an online AmeriCorps Request

Click the following icon to be directed to the AmeriCorps webpage:

​​​​Goldenstate Scholarshare Governor's Scholar Award  Request Information                                
Claim the Governor's Scholar Award by clicking on the following icon to be directed to the Golden State ScholarShare webpage:​

scholarshare ​

Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship Search Engines are used to apply for various external scholarship opportunities around the country. Search engines allow you to enter your information and they will match you to all opportunities​ for which you may apply. 
Be sure to read each site’s privacy policy to be aware of current practices regarding privacy and information sharing. (This listing is not an endorsement of any of these sites)
​​Click Scholarship Search Engines​​ to start your search!​​​​​