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                                                 Spring 2015: APPLY NOW                                                        

Students that are NOT Eligible to apply for a Book Loan or Book Grant are:

    • Students receiving a PELL Grant payment the 1st disbursement date of the semester
    • In "Default" status on a Federal Student Loan
    • Owe a grant overpayment
    • Enrolled in less than 6 units
      Note: Late start classes are not considered enrolled units until they start
    • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) Below 2.0
    • Currently attending High School or College Connection
    • Have an outstanding short-term Book or EOPS Loan
    • Have an "unsatisfactory repayment" status on a previous Shasta College Loan
EOPS & TRIO Students:
You may apply for a Book Loan or Grant. 
Submit ALL of your book costs, if approved, the Loan or Grant will be reduced by the dollar amount received through EOPS or TRIO. 

Financial Aid Book Loan and Grant programs:

Shasta College Short-Term Book Loan
Apply each semester
45 day short-term loan
Must be repaid to Shasta College
Covers textbooks through the Shasta College Bookstore
Maximum Book Loan: $350.00

Follett Book Grant  -- OUT OF FUNDING as of 1/20/15 applications
One-time grant 
Does not need to be repaid
Covers textbooks through the Shasta College Bookstore
Maximum Follett Book Grant: $300.00 

Teresa B. Poore Book Grant -- OUT OF FUNDING as of 1/20/15 applications
One grant per academic year
Does not need to be repaid
Covers Books and Supplies through the Shasta College Bookstore
Maximum Book Grant: $400.00
Applying for a Book Loan/Grant:
  1. Complete and submit the Book Loan / Grant Application
    (Applications printed prior to 1:40 pm on 12/16/14 will not be accepted.)
  2. Submit a copy of your Class Sche​dule
    Note: Waitlist classes will ​not be considered
  3. Submit a Book Store Cart Print Out or a Book Store "Print List" for each class, for which you need a book. Click the following link: Textbook Print List for more on how to get the book list.
    The Book Store is Unable to print the Cart or "Print Lists"
  4. Submit your application one of the following ways:
    >>In Person to the Shasta College Financial Aid Office Building 100 Room 108
    >>Take it to the Tehama, Trinity or Intermountain Campus, they will forward to us for processing
    >>Mail it to: Shasta College Financial Aid Office, PO Box 496006 Redding CA 96049
Processing Timeframes
Normal Processing: Allow 4 to 5 business day
During Peak Application Periods: Allow up to 7 business days
Processing & Pick-up Information:

  1. Funds are awarded on a first-come /first-served basis
  2. Applications are processed in "R​eceived" date order
    • ​Incomplete applications cannot be processed and must be resu​bmitted
    • Resubmitted applications are given a new "Received" date
  3. Waitlisted, late starting and added clas​ses cannot be consid​ered after you submit your class schedule for processing​​
  4. Once your application is ​approved a pick-up ​date and time is pos​ted to your "My Documents" screen through "My Shasta" and an email will be sent.
  5. You must be able to come to the Financial Aid Office​ at the main campus in Redding to sign a promissory note.
  6. Take the promissory note to the Book store and the Book store will give you a gift card loaded with the approved grant or loan dollars
  7. If you are application is not approved a denial reason will be posted to "My Documents" through "My Shasta" and an email will be sent

Repayment Information:

Book Grants do not need to be repaid
Book Loans are to be repaid within 45 days​
Payments can be made by cash, check or debit/credit card
A late fee of $10.00 may be assessed
Unpaid Loans will be sent to collections, all collection fees will be the responsibility of the student.

Other Campus Book Resources

Shasta College Student Senate (SCSS) Lending Library

Need textbooks?
The SCSS Lending Library is a FREE program and is open to most Shasta College students.​ Contact Student Senate for more information on this program.
SCSS Office​ Hours & Location:
Vary depending on the semester. Contact them at: (530) 242-7743. The SCSS Lending Library is
located inside the 
Student Senate Office, Room 2318 in the Bookstore Building.
Course Reserves 
- Shasta College Library
Refer to the following link for information regarding textbook resources at the 
Shasta College Library. ​​