17-18 Financial Aid Forms

In order for Shasta College to determine your eligibility to receive federal and state aid, the Department of Education requires colleges to verify specific information submitted on your FAFSA. 

Submission Instructions:​​

  1. Refer to the "My Forms" screen link through "MyShasta" and/or your email for information on the “NEEDED” forms/packets to evaluate your eligibility.​​​
  2. Find & Print the documents “NEEDED” below.
  3. Submit the forms/packets to our office one of the following ways: ​

General Financial Aid Forms:

Below are the 17/18 FAFSA FA Forms and/or Instructions explaining communication requests that have been posted through your MyShasta account and can be viewed through the "My Forms" screen. You will also be sent an email with the links to each form requested specific to your status.​

​Missing Student Information Forms/Instructions:

​Missing Parent Information Forms/Instructions​:

General Comments/Instructions:

California Dream Act Application (CDAA) Forms:

Below are the 17/18 California Dream Act Forms explaining communication requests that have been posted in your MyShasta-"MyForms" screen. If you have questions as to which forms you need to submit, please login to your MyShasta account and view your "My Forms​" screen. You will also be sent an email with the links to each form requested specific to your status.

Appeal Forms: 

Ineligible Student:
The "17-18 GPA-Pace Appeal"  is for those who do not meet the required 2.00 cumulative GPA and/or Pace of 67% cumulative. The "17-18 Extension of Unit Appeal" is for those who have reached the maximum number of fundable units.
Dependency​ Request:​
The "17-18 IS Appeal" is for those who cannot obtain parent information due to extenuating circumstances. The "17-18 Renewal IS Appeal" if for those students who have been approved during a prior academic year for "Independent Status". 
Income Review:
If you and/or your parent(s) current income is different than the income reported on the FAFSA, you and/or your parent(s) may appeal. By completing the appeals listed below our office may be able to reprocess your FASFA using current income.

Priority Registration:

If you have been homeless prior to attending college, please complete the Form HYCR to be evaluated for priority registration. You may also qualify for a dependency override for the FAFSA. View more information on FAFSA dependency overrides at: Dependency Request Appeals.