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Welcome to Shasta College

Planning for your education is an important step to your success. We look forward to helping you with your educational endeavors. This webpage will help you navigate the financial aid process during your Senior year in High School.

Click on the "Financial Aid Online Orientation" webpage for an informational video of the financial aid process.

We encourage you to complete the steps below and read through all the other financial aid webpages.  

If you have questions please email us at finaidinfo@shastacollege.edu  


While we understand you may be assisting your student through the college process, the student must be the one to inquire about their financial aid. College students are included in the Federal Family Rights and Privacy Act. Students may call or stop by the Financial Aid Office if they have any questions. The student will need to present their photo ID or student ID number, full name and date of birth as a means of identification. 

 Beginning January 1, 2015 complete the FAFSA


Shasta College School Code:  001289  

Submit your application for Shasta College by clicking the "Apply for Admissions"  menu item at the following website:  www.shastacollege.edu 

Note: Be sure to include your social security number and use your legal name.

Submit your BOG Fee Waiver at least 3 days before registering for classes at the following website: www.shastacollege.edu/fa/bogfw 

Activate your "My Shasta for students" Account.

Click the  "My Shasta" menu item at the following website:  
www.shastacollege.edu and then click on "First Time Users Click Here".

Financial Aid is a 2- step process: 
  1. Submit the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA).  
  2. Complete and submit forms required by the College's Financial Aid Office. 

Beginning around March or April 2015, your FAFSA information will be posted to your "My Shasta for students" account within 2 weeks of submitting your FAFSA to the federal processor. Check your "My Forms -START HERE" link on the Student's Menu of your My Shasta for required forms needed to process your 15-16 financial aid eligibility.

You will NOT receive a letter in the mail, begin here....  

Important: students must use their legal name as shown on their social security card for all college forms. Do not use nicknames. 

  • Log into your "My Shasta for students" account
  • Click on "My Forms -START HERE" under the Financial Aid menu to see which forms are requested to complete your financial aid file
  • Print the requested forms required from the Student's Menu for the 15-16 academic year (we cannot print forms for you)
  • Submit only the forms requested through the "My Forms -START HERE" link
  • Submit in person or by mail ALL needed forms at one time to the Financial Aid Office - Faxed or emailed forms are not accepted
  • If you are required to submit IRS documents visit our "Requesting IRS Documents" webpage using the Financial Aid Menu for additional information
  • Submit your FINAL High School Transcript with graduation date or a copy of your High School Diploma by June 26, 2015
  • Periodically log into your "My Shasta for students" account to check the status of submitted forms
  • High School students will begin receiving their Shasta College Debit Card from Higher One beginning late July 2015. Visit our "Shasta College Debit Card /Higher One" webpage using the Financial Aid menu for additional information
  • Apply for Shasta College High School Scholarships; available January 2015. Visit our "Scholarship" webpage using the Financial Aid Menu for additional information
  • College students must have a government issued photo ID such as a driver's license, state photo ID, passport or military photo ID.

Note: The Financial Aid Homepage will list the dates we start processing for the 15-16 academic year. If you have completed all the steps listed and your "My Forms" does not request 15-16 forms, verify your legal name, date of birth and social security number with FAFSA and the Shasta College Admissions and Records Office. Make appropriate corrections and within 1 week check your "My Forms".     

Basic to financial aid eligibility is the family as the main resource for postsecondary education. Students who have guardians, are foster youth, or wards of court should review the FAFSA definitions in completing the application. A parent's unwillingness to provide information on the FAFSA is not sufficient reason to provide only the student's information; if you have circumstances that you feel warrant additional consideration, please access our Independent Status Review webpage by using the Financial Aid Menu for more information.

 It is your responsibility to stay informed of deadlines and other important information. Check the financial aid webpage regularly for important announcements. Read ALL the financial aid menu items to understand the financial aid process and eligibility guidelines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I considered a dependent even though I do not live with or receive financial support from my parents?
The federal criterion for being an independent student does not take into consideration where a student lives or whether or not they provide their own support. Refer to "Section 2 -Student Dependency Status" on the FAFSA
 If I am an emancipated minor or in a legal guardianship, am I considered an independent student?
Yes. You will be required to provide documentation to the Financial Aid Office 
 Why do you need my prior transcripts?
All prior Official College /University and Final High School Transcripts with the Graduation date should be on file with Admissions and Records when you apply for admittance.
If they are not on file with Admissions and Records we must have ALL Transcripts from ALL Colleges or Universities you have attended no matter how long ago to complete the process of your financial aid file.