Independent Student ​Status Request ​

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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the California Dream Act (CDA) both calculate each family's ability to pay for college. The formula is designed to create a "level playing field" for all families in order to provide maximum funds to the neediest families.

The Financial Aid Office is required by federal law to consider a student independent if they fit into one or more of the seven specific categories listed below:​

  1. Is 24 years of age or older by December 31 of the award year
  2. Is an orphan or ward of the court, or was a ward of the court until the individual reached age 18
  3. Is a veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States
  4. Is a graduate or professional student
  5. Is a married individual
  6. Has legal dependents other than a spouse
  7. Is a student for whom a financial aid administrator makes documented determination of independence by reason of other unusual circumstances.
    Section 480 (d) of the Higher Education Act, as amended

If you do not fit into one or more of the categories listed above, you are considered a dependent student for FAFSA or CDA purposes and are, therefore, required to submit parent information.  However, the Financial Aid Office recognizes that each student is unique.  You may have unusual circumstances that will not allow you to provide parent information on the FAFSA or the CDA.  If this is the case, you may complete the Independent Student Status Request form (15-16 Form ISSR) and submit it to the Financial Aid Office for review.  

The types of circumstances listed below, singly, or in combination, ​DO NOT QUALIFY AS UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES

  • Your parents refuse to contribute to the your education
  • Your parents are unwilling to provide information on your FAFSA or CDA or for verification
  • Your parents do not claim you as a dependent for income tax purposes
  • You demonstrate total self-sufficiency

The types of circumstances listed below are EXAMPLES OF UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES THAT MAY QUALIFY for a review of your Dependency status:

  • Your parent is in prison
  • Your parent is hospitalized
  • You have an estranged family situation
  • Your parents live out of the country and you are unable to maintain reasonable contact with them
If your family situation involves an unusual circumstance such as those described above and documentation is provided, you may request a review of your dependency status.

Planning for educational expenses is important to your success.  Submitting 15-16 Form ISSR does not guarantee that you will be granted an independent status.  If your request is denied, you will still be required to provide parent information.  Allow sufficient time for processing of your request and plan for your semester accordingly as additional information or documentation may be requested upon review. 

If you submitted an Independent Student Status Request to Shasta College and were granted an independent status in the previous academic year, that status only applied to that academic year.  You need to submit a 15-16 Renewal Independent Student Status Request (15-16 Form RISSIR) if you are considered dependent for 2015-16 FAFSA or CDA purposes and currently have unusual circumstances​ that prevent you from providing parent information.

Any determination of dependency status made by Shasta College on your behalf only applies to your attendance at Shasta College.  


  • Click on the appropriate link below, 15-16 Form ISSR or 15-16 Form RISSR , to download the form
  • Print, complete, and sign your form
  • Submit your completed form to the Shasta College Financial Aid office by mail (address included on each form) or in person to building 100, room 108
Once your forms are reviewed you will receive written notification from the Director of Financial Aid notifying you of the determination of your request.

FIRST TIME REQUEST complete the following form:

RENEWAL STUDENT complete the following form:

15-16 Form RISSR.pdf15-16 Form RISSR.pdf

​​Unaccompanied Homeless Youth:    

A student up to 21 years old or still enrolled in high school, not living in the physical custody of a parent or guardian, is not living in fixed, regular, or adequate housing as of the date the FAFSA is signed should not complete a Independent Student Status Request form; instead request a letter of verification of unaccompanied homeless youth from one of the following agencies and then submit a copy to the Shasta College Financial Aid Office for review:

  • Shasta Union High School District Homeless Liaison, Michael O'Leary 
  • Tehama County Department of Education Homeless Liaison, Jo Kee 
  • Good News Rescue Mission, Pastor Dave Honey 241-5754
  • Anderson Union High School Homeless Liaison, Brant Schriner 365-6054 x 1011
  • Shasta County Office of Education Homeless Liaison, Marie Hyres 225-5390

  • Glenn County Department of Education Homeless Liaison, Robin Smith 934-6575 x 3176