Shasta College Scholarships
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​ Spring 2014 - NEW Electronic Process Powered by AcademicWorks----NO Printing, NO Copying!!! ​

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General Requirements to apply for any Shasta College Scholarship;

  • Registered in a minimum of 6 units
  • Completed 12 college units by January 13, 2014
    (Other college units meet this requirement)
NOTE: High School Seniors do not need to meet the above requirements.
The NEW Electronic Application database, will "Auto-Match" your General Application with our scholarship opportunities; however, if the following information is incorrect, you will not be matched with the correct scholarships and may miss out on opportunities altogether.
Make Sure:
  • You have been admitted to Shasta College and have a valid student ID number
  • You have a valid email address on file with Admissions & Records
  • You have the correct Major and Program codes (Educational Goal) on file with Admissions & Records
  • You complete the general application with accurate information and all fields are complete
  • You check your account often as we upload any changes from our student database to AcademicWorks nightly. Changes could take up to 24 - 48 hours to update your AcademicWorks account.
  • Make sure your application has been submitted by 11:59 pm on 3/21/14

​"Auto-Match" vs "Apply to" scholarships

Our new system will "Auto-Match" your General Application & imported ​applicant information with Shasta College scholarship opportunities. These will be listed on your recommended opportunities page through AcademicWorks. 
Auto-Match Scholarships:
Use the general application information only, your completed general application will be considered for these opportunities
Apply-To Scholarships:
These will have an "Apply" button to the right of the scholarship information. Before your application can be considered for these scholarships, you must click on the "Apply" button and answer supplemental questions. These supplemental questions will determine if your application will be considered.

References:                No more paper reference letters!

You must obtain the email address of the person you wish to use as a reference. 
The General Application only requires 2 references; however, some scholarship opportunities require 3 letters of recommendation or may require letters from certain sources. 
You have completed all the Apply-to scholarship questions and have carefully read the scholarship criteria to be sure you have submitted the correct reference "letter" types. 

​All scholarships are ​subject to change without notice

Click the following link to create an account and apply for our scholarships: 

You must be admitted to Shasta College and use the email address you have on file with Admissions & Records to create an account.​

EXTENDED ​Deadli​ne:    March 21, 2014 by 11:59 pm

Notification of Scholarship Awards: 
Spring 2014 - Electronic Notifications

We w
ill be emailing "Scholarship Determination Letters" using AcademicWorks! 

These emails should be generated in Late-April or Early-May. ​

Make a "Safe-Sender" in your email account settings.

Fall 2013 Determination​ Letters will be mailed December 20, 2013

Disqualified Applications: 
Once Letters are mailed CLICK HERE for more information

You have not been awarded this scholarship, however if the recipient is not eligible to receive the award you will be contacted and, if eligible, paid the award. 

Be sure your contact information in our computer system is the most current, if can not contact you, I can not fund you!

Scholarship Determination Letters that indicate undecided will be updated once I receive information on the recipient selected for the award.

Questions: Contact the Scholarship Processor /Financial Aid Bookkeeper at: ​​​