Outcome of Appeals Information


Extension of Units Plan: 

If a students appeal is approved for a Quantitative Extension of Units they will be required to follow the educational plan that was submitted with the appeal and will only be funded for the remaining classes. If there is a change in the student's educational goals, the student would have to appeal for a second time and the outcome will be dependent on the reason for the change.​ 


If a student’s appeal is approved for probation, the student will have one semester to meet all SAP standards on a cumulative basis. If the student is not successful in meeting all SAP standards, they will then become ineligible for financial aid and have to regain eligibility on their own.​


If a student’s appeal is approved for a contract, the student will then be evaluated on a semester by semester basis and be held to taking only classes listed on the student’s educational plan that was submitted with the appeal petition. The student will be required to submit an Academic Progress Report to the Financial Aid Office mid-semester. If the student is not successful in meeting any of the SAP standards on a semester basis, they will then become ineligible for financial aid and have to regain their own eligibility. A financial aid staff member will meet with the student and explain the expectations and eligibility requirements tied to their contract. Both the student and the Director will sign the contract. The Director will be responsible for reviewing student’s grades at the end of each semester to ensure that the student is complying with the contract. Once the student has successfully raised their GPA and/or PACE to meet the cumulative minimum standards, the student will then be considered in good standing. The student will then be held accountable to meet the cumulative SAP standards. If the student changes their declared program of study, they can submit a letter explaining the reason for the change, as well as an updated educational plan.

Academic Progress Report:

If your appeal is approved, you may be required to submit an "Academic Progress Report". 

Appeal Denied:

If a student’s appeal is denied, it is because the student’s situation did not qualify to meet the minimum qualifications and/or the student had appealed in the past and was unsuccessful in meeting the criteria of the appeal outcome. The student can continue to attend without financial aid and reestablish eligibility on their own or successfully complete at least six academic units and then resubmit an appeal. There are no guarantees that a second appeal will be granted, as each appeal is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Gap in Enrollment: 

A gap in enrollment does not reestablish a student’s eligibility for financial aid. Students who were not successful in meeting the minimum GPA and/or Pace requirement and have a gap in enrollment, must submit an appeal and can be considered for either probation or a contract. It is possible that a student may have a change of major as well; however a change of major will only affect the student’s eligibility in regards to their quantitative SAP status.​