Ineligible Student Appeal Information​


​​GPA/Pace Appeal:

The GPA/Pace Appeal is for students who are ineligible for financial aid due to GPA and/or Pace. 
The minimum requirements for financial aid eligibility are:
  • A 2.0 cumulative GPA 
  • 67% cumulative Pace
  • Pace is your attempted units vs. completed units. 

Extension of Units Appeal

Students are allowed to take 150% of the units required for their program. 

The Extension of Units Appeal is for students that have taken the maximum number of units allowable for their program or will exceed 150% of the units prior to the end of the current semester and/or academic year. 

Your total program units can be found in the Shasta College catalog. You can calculate 150% by doing the following: Total program units x 150% = Maximum Number of Units Allowable. 

Students that need to complete this appeal could be those who already have an Associates Degree or those that have changed their major and are attempting another program of study. 

Appeal Process:

Step 1: Be determined Ineligible for the current semester /academic year​
Step 2: Submit the GPA-Pace and/or Extension of Units Appeal, along with all required documentation
Step 3: The Appeals Committee reviews the appeal, this can take 2 to 4 weeks
Step 4: An email will be sent once a determination has been made. 
Step 5: Approved Appeals may require that the student submit an "Academic Progress Report"
The following link contains more information on the Outcome of your Appeal.​