Payment Calculation & Information

  • Award amounts are based on enrollment status. 
    To receive the full award amount posted to your "Award Letter" you must be registered as a full-time (12 or more units) student for the entire semester.
  • Payments may be adjusted to reflect your current enrollment status.
    If you add or drop units during the semester past and future disbursements may be adjusted. Depending on the number of units dropped any remaining disbursements for the semester may be cancelled. 

​​Units Enrolled 
Enrollment Status​
%​ of your Pell Eligibility​
​12 or more
​Full time
​9 to 11.5
Three quarters time​
6 to 8.5​
Half time​
​Less than 6
Less than half time​
Check with Financial Aid    
​Note: In rare cases dropping units may require the student to pay funds back.
  • Please be aware that awards are progressive and posted as eligibility is determined.
    While we make every effort to package accurate awards based on your cost of attendance and need evaluation, we reserve the right to adjust your award notification at any time. Awards may be adjusted for reasons such as change in units, additional awar​ds, funds availability or Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Students who have been overpaid.​
    Students who have been overpaid will be responsible to return funds.

  • While we make every effort to cause the least amount of error.
    Overpayments regardless of the cause, will be the responsibility of the student. 
  • Students may only receive payment from one institution at a time.
    In some instances, due to attendance during summer terms or transferring from another school, some students may receive cross overpayments due to a delay in reporting from the prior school. When this occurs the student will be required to repay any overpayment.