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Are all certificates offered at Shasta College eligible for Federal financial aid?
No, not all certifi​​cates are approved by th​e Department of Ed​uca​tion for Federal or State funding.  ​   


Grant & BOG Fee Waiver Eligible Certificates:

These certificates are eligible ​programs for g​rants and loan funds. Your eligibility​ for payment will be determined by our office using the FAFSA results.
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Prior Year Grant & BOG Fee Waiver Eligible Certificates: 
Information subject to ​change.  

BOG Fee Waiver Eligible ONLY Certificates

These certificates are only eligible for the student to receive the per unit fee waiver, the BOG F​ee Waiver
If you are enrolled in one of these programs of study you will not be p​aid:​ PELL, Cal-Grant, FSEOG Work-Study and Federal Direct Student Loans​. You may apply for Scholarships for more information go to:
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Prior Year BOG Eligible ONLY Certificates:

New Programs as o​f the 2016-2017 Year

If you are pursuing the ACE program or the Bachelor;s of Science in Health Information Management, please click below for more information related to financial aid and these programs.