​​Leaving Shasta College? remember to complete the following steps
oLoan Exit Counseling IS REQUIRED 
Exit counseling is required when you graduate, transfer , or withdraw. To complete exit counseling login or create an account with iGrad and complete Exit Counseling

oStart repaying your student loan:
The federal government provides a range of flexible repayment options for Direct Loan recipients. For more information on loan repayment and your options visit 

​​Federal Direct Loan Repayment & Free Loan Management

Need Assistance in Entering a repayment plan and not sure where to start?
Shasta College has partnered with ECMC to provide students hands on assistance in helping manage their Federal Direct Loans.

ECMC is a non-profit service dedicated to helping students manage educational loans. To contact an Advisor, email or web chat, or call 1.844.782.2333

​5 tips to manage your student loans​

Visit nslds.ed.gov to review your grant, loan, and enrollment data