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​Scholarship Processor
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​​Grant, Loan & Scholarship funding cannot exceed the "Cost of Attendance (COA)" ​​and are for educational related expenses listed on the "COA" webpage.
Shasta College Scholarship applications are accepted twice per year during the approximated timeframes below.
​Fall Semester: September - October /November
Spring Semester: January - February /March

The deadline for each scholarship is posted through the AcademicWorks Scholarship Portal.

General Requirements

  • Be currently registered in at least​ 6 units at Shasta College.
  • Have 12 college units completed** by the following dates:
    ​~Fall application period:  August 1~  ~Spring application period:  January 1~
  • An Autobiography, this is information about yourself including educational plans, and future goals.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
    Note: Paper letters of recommendation cannot be accepted. You will provide the email address of you
    r reference and they will receive an email with instructions.
**Units from other colleges and universities: Can be counted toward the 12 unit requirement.​
** High School Seniors: 12 college unit requirement DOES NOT apply to you.​ You may apply during the    ​Spring application period only.

Who can Apply?​

  • Currently enrolled Shasta College students.
  • Students planning to transfer from Shasta College to another college/university.
  • High School Seniors who will attend Shasta College the Fall semester after graduation from High school should apply for Shasta College scholarships during the Spring application period prior to graduating High School.  

How does it work?

  • Everything is done online through the AcademicWorks Scholarship Portal.
  • "Sign up" or "Sign In" to an account.
  • Start the "General Application". Click "Save and Keep Editing" while you work on your application.
  • Click "Finish and Submit" when you're done with the "General Application".
  • Check your "Applicant Record​"​ to be sure it is correct.
  • A "Recommended" page of scholarships will be generated, click "Recommended" at the top of the screen.
  • Complete the "Supplemental" Questions for each scholarship.
  • Wait for an award notification from scholarships@shastacollege.edu​. 

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