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Financial Aid Online Orientation Video​​​

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Financial Aid Online Orientation Topic Index:
Instructions: While we encourage you to view the entire presentation, if you only need to reference one topic use this time index and jump forward in the video to view that specific topic.
0:00 Welcome and Financial Aid Office Contact Information
0:37 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): Overview/Process
0:58 Federal Grants- Pell Grant, Supplemental Employment Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Work-Study
1:41 State Grant-Cal Grant
2:30 State Grant-Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOG)
3:14 Financial Aid Website: Overview
3:25 FAFSA Application Link​
3:42 BOG Fee Waiver Application Link
4:13 Financial Aid Overview Link (School Code, Frequently Asked Questions)
4:30 Satisfactory Academic Policy (SAP) Link (Financial Aid Student Standards)
5:33 How to Complete My File Link
5:47 Request IRS Documents Link
5:58 Shasta College Debit Card/Higher One Link
6:42 Disbursement Schedule Link
7:22 Need Books Link
8:04 Scholarship Link
8:26 Student Loan Link
9:10 Independent Status Request Link
9:25 Foster Youth Link
9:33 Federal and State Updates/Changes that Affect YOU Link
9:50 California Dream Act Link
10:03 Office Hours/Email
10:37 Veteran Services
10:49 My Shasta Login (2nd Step for FAFSA Processing)
11:30 My Documents Intro (specific to the student-determine what documents the Financial Aid Office is in need of)
11:57 My Shasta Financial Aid Forms (to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office)
12:04 FAFSA Supplemental Form Example (educational major required)
12:23 My Documents Process
12:32 Financial Aid Award Letter
13:31 Final Notes
14:05 Contact Information​