Sha​sta College Promise (First Year Free Program)

Beginning Fall 2018, Shasta College will offer free tuition for two semesters for first-time, full time students regardless of student or parent income.

Who is eligible?

All First-time students, including students who have completed college units while in high school who:
  • ​Are a California Resident or AB540 eligible.
  • Have completed an 18-19 FAFSA by March 2nd, 2018.
  • Enroll in 12 or more units.
  • Complete Steps to enrollment by April 15th, 2018.

How to participate

  • Shasta College can automatically identify graduating high school seniors who have completed the FAFSA and Steps to enrollment. 
  • If you have graduated high school prior to Summer 2018, or were unable to complete the FAFSA and steps to enrollment by the stated deadlines, you can complete the Application for First Time Student Status and submit it to the Enrollment Services Office: Room 124.