Student Success Completion Grant

Formerly the Full Time Student Success Grant and the California Community College Completion  Grant as of Fall-2018. 

Senate Bill 85, the 2017 Budget Act education trailer bill, was signed by the Governor on June 27,2017 which initiated a new grant program for Community College students. The program is called the California Community College Completion Grant. The intent of this grant is to support student persistence, retention and success by providing students additional assistance who are attending at a 15 unit per term pace or 30 units per year pace and/or complete their programs in scheduled full time timeframes.

Since this bill was signed and implemented for the 2017/18 academic year the Chancellor's Office has worked closely with the Senate to streamline the implementation of both the Full Time Student Success Grant and the California Community College Completion Grant, which resulted in the Student Success Completion Grant.


How to gain access to this grant:

  • Submit your FAFSA by March 2nd.
  • Complete your Financial Aid Verification steps with the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible
  • Enroll in 12+ units, in only classes required for your goal
  • Stay on pace to complete your goal
  • This Grant is available during Fall and Spring terms. It is not available during the summer. 

The eligibility for this grant is as follows:

  • Must have received a Cal B or C Grant and certified at full time enrollment (12+ units)
  • Must be in good standing with the colleges SAP standards (read more at:
  • Must complete all units required for your major, successfully, every semester
  • Must be declared a California Resident (CAR) or AB540 with Shasta College

Annual Award Amounts:

  • 12-14.99 units= $1298 ($649 per primary semester)
  • 15+ units= $4000 ($2000 per primary semester)

Timing of Awarding and Disbursements:

  • Due to the Cal Grant eligibility requirement, awards will not show on students awards letter's until after the first Cal Grant disbursement during the primary terms. Typically the second week after census day (Fall=Mid-September & Spring=Mid-February).

What if you become ineligible?

If you have questions regarding this grant/program, please contact the financial aid office for further guidance. ​