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Our Financial Aid Team strives to provide you accurate information; through our​ web pages and your student ​"My Shasta" account, ​timely processing and valuable resources that contribute to your success at Shasta College.

The Financial Aid Office

Your feedback is important.

It will assist us to provide the right information for your success.

​Financial Aid Processing

We process by "Received" date order. ​

Please note:  We post the “Received” date that our technicians have begun processing.  This does not indicate that every file for a prior date is completely processed. Because we have a number of technicians, some of them may still be finishing files for a prior date.  

Each student will receive an email notification as soon as there is an update on their processing. All updates will also be posted to the students "My Documents" screen in their "My Shasta" account.

Current Processing Received Date:

2014-2015 Paperwork​: 3/18​/15

2015-2016 - We will download the 2015-16 FAFSA. starting in April 

​Estimated Processing ​Timeframes

Timeframes vary dependent on the number of files received​​
March 1 - April 30 ​2 to 3 weeks
​May 1 - June 30 ​3 to 5 weeks
​July 1 - October 31 ​6 to 8 weeks
November 1 - December 31 ​3 to 5 weeks
​January 1 - February 28 ​2 to 4 weeks
January 1st the NEW​ ​FAFSA is available
APPLY for the next academic year
​Web Links

Complete the FAFSA application:


 Register for a PIN to sign your FAFSA electronically:


 Selective Service:

 NSLDS for Students:

California Student Aid Commission:
Cal-Grant Information


WebGrants for Students:
Cal-Grant Account Login


Information Updates


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3/12/15 - Paper BOG Fee Waiver (BOGFW) Application
The Paper BOGFW Application is available for Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 - Click Here APPLY NOW! -​

Dropping Classes Almost Always affects your past and future disbursements!
For more information refer to the top of your award letter, or our disbursement schedule webpage, the top of that page gives you information on eligibility guidelines by unit.

Always talk to each office from which you receive​ services before you drop a class, each program on campus has their own rules and regulations!​

A Photo ID and Student ID number are REQUIRED when requesting specific information during your visit to our office. 
Specific Information can only ​be discussed with the student. 

 Federal Student Financial Assistance:

 ​Este sitio Web le darà informaciòn sobre ayuda financier en espa​ñol.






What if I earned a Bachelors (BA) and returning to Shasta College? 

Once you have completed a BA:

  • You may apply for and receive the Board of Governors Fee Waiver if eligible

  • You are not eligible to receive a Pell or to borrow a Subsidized Direct Student Loan

  • See the Financial Aid Student Loans webpage regarding borrowing limits for Unsubsidized Direct Loans

  • Complete the "Request for Consideration" form available under "Forms" on the student loan webpage and submit it with required loan documents available on the Student Loans webpage

What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid is made available by federal and state governments and private sources in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and Work-Study.

The basis for such assistance is the belief that students (and the parents of dependent students) have the primary responsibility in meeting educational costs.

Financial Aid is intended to help fill the gap between the student / families EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and the cost of attending college for the academic year.

​Financial Aid Office Mission:

The Mission of the Financial Aid Office is to increase the number of students receiving financial assistance, which will contribute to the successful completion of their academic goals.

Service Area Outcome:
1. At least 80% of all students surveyed will be satisfied with operations in the Financial Aid Department.

Student Support Learning Outcomes:

1. Students utilizing the walk-in service will be able to express satisfaction in obtaining the requested information and for the services received.

2. Students will be able to adhere to deadlines and accurately complete all necessary forms for financial aid using technology. This learning outcome will be demonstrated through the federal work study program. This learning outcome will be applied to the overall financial aid process.

3. Students will be able to adhere to deadlines and accurately complete all necessary forms for financial aid using technology. This learning outcome will be demonstrated​