About Gateway to College

Gateway to College is a un​​ique alternative education opportunity for high school students who are behind in credits to complete their high school graduation requirements through classes offered on the Shasta College campus. Dual enrollment college courses allow students to make progress toward a college degree or certificate while earning their diploma. This is a REAL second chance...finish high school and begin college all at once!

Who are Gateway to College students?

  • ​They are 16-20 years old.
  • They are behind  in school credits for their age and grade.
  • They have passed the high school exit exam--CAHSEE.
  • They are willing to make a commitment to complete their high school diploma.
  • They are excited about being a part of new program on a college campus!

A Gateway to College student will:

  • ​Receive a scholarship to pay for their college books and fees while enrolled in the program.
  • Attend the program with a class of 20 students and caring Gateway to College teachers.
  • Have a Program Advisor who understands that every student is unique, while guiding them through their educational choices and helping them balance their school and personal life commitments.
Students selected for a Gateway to College scholarship
are expected to be in class every day, 
work hard in their courses, and do daily homework.

Take the first step!

Get started today by completing an APPLICATION​​​​ and returning it to the Gateway to College office located upstairs in the Library at Shasta College or mailing it to:

Gateway to College Program
Shasta College
11555 Old Oregon Trail
P.O. Box 496006
Redding, CA 96049-6006

For more information, call our office at 530.242.7585.

Nancy Berkey, Program Director--530.242.7587 / nberkey@shastacollege.edu
Allegra Davis, Assistant Director--530.242.7586 / adavis@shastacollege.edu
Arlene Miranda, Program Assistant--530.242.7585 / amiranda@shastacollege.edu

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