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This book contains recipes to fit the budgets of people living on SNAP, the
US program that used to be called food stamps. If you’re on SNAP, you
already know that the benefit formulas are complicated, but the rule of
thumb is that you end up with $4 per person, per day to spend on food.​

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Regarding Setting Boundaries

​A University Business report discussing diversity training for faculty and staff.

The State of Higher Education in California - Latinos.pdfThe State of Higher Education in California - Latinos
​The Latino Report by the Campaign for College Opportunity, increasing college graduates to strengthen California.  Discusses that to secure the economic future of California, we need to significantly increase the number of Latino students who are prepared for, enroll in and graduate from college.
Evidence from Experimentation in a Large Urban Community College District in California

#StandwithBWG is a faith-filled, public education campaign to prioritize the well-being of black women and girls through liturgy, advocacy for equitable public policy, and digital engagement.

Supporting the Educational Success of Black Children in California by The Educational Trust - West

Five Critical Facts about Men of Color and Food Insecurity in Community Colleges by J. Luke Wood and Frank Harris III