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Non-Profit Organizational Management Certificate

This nonprofit organizational management course sequence introduces the fundamentals of effective growth and development. Participants will gain an understanding of a variety of aspects of management of a nonprofit organization. Those in leadership positions will learn or enhance basic skills and acquire tools in order to plan, organize, lead and coordinate activities in their nonprofit legally and effectively to maximize community impact.  

The course is designed for those in leadership roles in nonprofits or those who desire to work in such roles in the future. Segmenting the focus areas allows individuals to select particular classes of interest or need if unable to complete the entire series. As a Director, you may find it helpful to register staff or Board members to attend specific sessions with you which relate to their roles while you maintain the overall scope of knowledge and skills.  

Completion of the entire sequence by nonprofit leaders will maximize benefits to their organizations. Those who attend all seven classes will receive a Nonprofit Organizational Management Certificate of Completion. For those unable to attend all classes, a certificate will be issued for each completed session by course title.  

The seven classes offered in the series:  
#1 Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management  
#2 Fundraising Techniques and Planning 
#3 Grant Funding: How, When, Why and Where to Find It  
#4 Financial Management and Accountability Requirements for Nonprofit Organizations  
#5 Boards of Directors in Nonprofit Organizations
#6 Staff and Volunteer Management in Nonprofit Organizations
#7 Marketing and Public Relations Plus Nonprofit Policy, Advocacy and Community Building  

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 Helpful Links 
Association of Fundraising Professionals"Advancing philanthropy through education, training and advocacy"  
Board Café - "The monthly internet newsletter for nonprofit boards"
Chronicle of Philanthropy - "News for nonprofit organizations, grant seeking, foundations, fundraising, managing nonprofit groups, technology and nonprofit jobs" - "A unified site for interaction between grant applicants and the U. S. Federal agencies"
Guidestar - "The leading source of information on U. S. nonprofits"
IRS Tax Information for Charities & other Nonprofits - "Important Federal Tax information for non-profits"
CA Secretary of State Business Portal  - “CA State website for Business Programs, incorporation, forms, samples, fees, etc.”
California Association of Nonprofits (CAN)  - “Statewide membership network, creating sector-wide responses to the important issues facing nonprofit organizations and providing valuable resources and tools that empower nonprofits to achieve their missions”
Shasta Regional Community Foundation  - Mission: “Building resources to meet needs in Shasta and Siskiyou counties through philanthropy, education and information” 
Fundraising and Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations is a research guide maintained by Carolyn Salus-Singh, Reference and Instruction Librarian at the Shasta College Library. Many of these resources are available online, 24/7, to the Shasta College community.