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I returned to Shasta College as a full time instructor in the fall of 2013. I am excited to share your journey into all things automotive. 
        My journey began at an early age. My father was an auto mechanic in southern California. I watched him work on his race car in a shop behind our house. As I grew older he showed me how to handle tools and perform minor repairs. I tagged along on many trips to the Bonneville Salt Flats, southern California drag races and the dry lake beds near Edwards air force base. 
        My family moved to Redding in 1968 and my father opened his own auto repair shop. Every summer after arriving in Redding I worked at my fathers shop. In 9th grade I worked after school everyday. After high school graduation I attended Shasta College and graduated with a degree in automotive technology.
        I have worked almost every job available in an independent auto repair shop, from parts washer to owner. I hope to bring my skills and experiences to our classroom interactions and give you a window into the automotive profession. It is my hope that together we can develop the skills that you will need to be a success as you move into the workforce as an automotive technician.

Current Courses:

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AUTO-1Vehicle Electrical Systems3 N2781 
AUTO-150Introduction to Engine Machining4 N36108 
AUTO-181Engine Machinist II4 N36108 
AUTO-20Engine Performance4 N36108 
AUTO-94Worksite Learning/Automotive Technology18N  75