College Council 

Scope and Function

The College Council is the central participatory planning committee for Shasta College and is a key component of Shasta’s integrated planning and institutional review processes. The College Council is responsible for establishing the institution’s direction by developing the institutional mission statement and long-term goals, in concert with the Governing Board and Accreditation Standards.

The College Council will act as the primary participatory college committee and specifically to:

A. Advocate for effective college planning processes being in place and used.
B. Oversee the development of the college’s strategic plan and educational master plan. 
C. Develop college-wide priorities and make recommendations to the Superintendent/President regarding budgeting, staffing, equipment and facilities based on an analysis of information received from college committees and bodies.
D. Review the college Mission Statement at least once every three years and ensure alignment of the college mission and goals with the State Community College mission and goals.
E. Analyze for recommendation the District’s Board Policies and Administrative Procedures to ensure development based upon a culture of evidence and consultation with constituencies.
F. Establish ad-hoc committees, sub-committees, and task forces where and when appropriate.
G. Communicate ideas and recommendations to the college community.
The Accreditation Steering Committee is a standing subcommittee of the College Council.
Meeting Schedule: College Council Meets at 3:00 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, with additional ​meetings scheduled as needed


Committee Membership


 Morris Rodrigue, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President​ of Administrative Services
   Dr. Frank Nigro, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction​ (Co-Chair)       
   Dr. Kevin O'Rorke, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services 

Cathy Anderson, Mathematics
Jay Davis, Welding (Co-Chair)
Ramon Tello, Philosophy


                                                         Byron Kozloff, Physical Plant
                                                       Angela Nava, Student Services

 Student Representative

Ed Adams

Non-Voting Members 
Greg Smith, Associate Vice President of Human Resources
Dr. Kathleen Mahar, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Joe Wyse, Superintendent/President


College-Wide Planning Documents

Operational Materials


Strategic Plans


2012-2015 Strategic Plan  ​


2005-2007 Strategic Plan

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