Serving Shasta, Tehama and Trinity Counties as well as portions of Humboldt, Lassen and Modoc Counties, it is the only public post-secondary institution in a 10,132 square mile radius in the vast, rural region of far Northern California.

Since January 2014, Shasta College and its community partners have created the ideal conditions for every district high school student - at any achievement level- to accelerate progress toward a bachelor's degree. By combining fee waivers, enrollment policy changes, on campus programs, concurrent enrollment and, most dramatically, dual enrollment, the college supports interested high school students in earning transferrable units toward degrees at minimal or no cost to students and often without having to leave a high school classroom.  Detailed information is available through the following link:

Shasta College’s 2015 Innovation Award Abstract (PDF)

In Spring 2017, Shasta College was among the top three colleges to receive a $2 million Award for Innovation in Higher Education.  This award highlights the College's work in redesigning curriculum and instruction, and accelerating time to degrees, through two new programs:  Associate Completion in the Evenings (ACE) and Bachelor's through Online and Local Degrees (BOLD).  These programs are targeted towards students with some college and no degree, as well as low income and first generation students who experience barriers to transitioning to a four-year university.  They serve students matriculating directly out of high school who don't have the opportunity to leave home to attend college, and serve as a bridge for adults with "some college" to progress towards degree completion.  Both ACE and BOLD are built on research-based practices including guided pathways, hybrid learning, degree maps, and cohort support.  Detailed information is available through the following link:

Shasta College's 2017 Innovation Award Abstract (PDF)

The Shasta College award plans focus on the following: 

Advancing Existing Innovations

  • Expansion of dual and concurrent enrollment efforts
  • Assistance in providing course materials for dual-enrolled classes
  • Live, interactive video conferencing to rural areas
  • Investigation of the expansion and support for the Gateway to College program
  • Rework curriculum and create guided pathways and degree maps for working adults to obtain their Associate degree in the same timeframe as traditional students 
  • Build and expand pathways for Bachelor's degree completion without leaving the North State

Supporting and Expanding a Culture of Innovation

  • Create a Center for Community College Innovation and Research
  • Provide funding support for innovative ideas that enhance student learning and success

For more in-depth information on either of the innovation grant applications above, contact the Office of Grant Development. You can also visit Innovation Mini-Grant Projects to view Shasta College’s continuing efforts in innovation.