"Return on Investment" means more to you than a balance sheet, it means a solid investment of your time for a solid return to your career growth. We get it. Which is why we designed our Associate in Business pathways with an 8-week compressed schedule. With online and in-person courses, this is the perfect blend to help you achieve the standout results employers look for in accelerated and highly focused courses. You'll complete your Associate degree in 24 months (or less, if you have already completed some college coursework)! Your Associate degree opens doors for you to start work in Marketing, Finance, or Business Administration.  You could also continue on for a Bachelor's degree to increase your skills and knowledge.

Associate of Science for Transfer (AST) in Business (fully online option starting Fall 2019): foundation courses in Business and Accounting, and the general education courses you need to transfer to a California State University, or other four year university. 

Associate in Science Business: Marketing/Finance or Management (Tuesday/Thursday mornings): for students who do not intend to transfer for a Bachelor's degree. This pathway includes fewer general education and more specific Business courses. All students take the same sequence of classes in the first two semesters, but in the third semester, you focus on Marketing/Finance or Management, then come back together for some final general education classes. 

For more information, call 530-242-7676, or email acebold@shastacollege.edu 

Why am I taking this class?

Class CSU GE Category Units Pre-requisites (grade of C or better, or counselor placement)
CMST 60 A1: Oral Communication 3 ENGL 190 or ENGL level 3+
ENGL 1A A2: Written Communication 4 ENGL 190 or ENGL level 3+
ENGL 1C A3: Critical Thinking 3 ENGL 1A
CHEM 10/11 B1/B3: Physical Science with Lab 4 N/A
BIOL 5 B2: Natural Science 3 N/A
MATH 14 B4: Quantitative Reasoning 4 MATH 114 or 102 or MATH level 6+
THTR 1 C1: Arts 3 N/A
HIST 2 C2: Humanities 3 ENGL 190 or ENGL level 3+
HUM 4 C1/C2: Arts / Humanities 3 N/A
HIST 17A or POLS 2 D: Social Science 3 ENGL 190 or ENGL level 3+
ECON 1A  D: Social Science 3 MATH 101 or MATH level 5+
ECON 1B D: Social Science 3 MATH 101 or MATH level 5+
STU 1 E: Lifelong Learning 3 N/A
CIS 1   3 N/A
ACCT 2   MATH 240 or MATH level 2+
ACCT 4   4 ACCT 2
BUAD 6   3 N/A
BUAD 10   3 ENGL 280 or ENGL level 5+
Elective Elective: Suggest BUAD 12 3 N/A
  Total Units 62 Associate degrees require 60 units minimum

You must earn a "C" or better in the following classes (major and specific GE classes):

CMST 60, ENGL 1A, ENGL 1C, MATH 14, ECON 1A, ECON 1B, CIS 1, ACCT 2, ACCT 4, BUAD 6, and BUAD 10.

CSU American History and Institutions - graduation requirement for CSU Bachelor's:

POLS 2 and HIST 17A or HIST 17B are required for the American History and Institutions CSU graduation requirement. It is not needed to transfer to a CSU, but it is needed to graduate from a CSU.

This schedule is subject to change.


Last Updated April 28, 2019