​In this program, faculty will guide you in developing intellectual curiosity, communication proficiencies, and critical thinking skills that you will need to balance work and life as you seek to be a responsible and productive citizen in a diverse and complex society. No matter what career field you seek, strong communication skills are always in the top ten skills employers desire in employees.  Courses range from interpersonal communication, public speaking, small group communication, intercultural communication, oral interpretation, and argumentation and debate. Learn to better express yourself, listen and learn from others, and communicate your company or organization's mission and values.  People with Communication Studies degrees work in every industry sector from business to healthcare to politics to non-profits, and more.  For more about careers using Communication Studies, see the National Communication Association's website.

This pathway is a combination of online and in-person classes. The Communication Studies classes will be in-person on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6 - 9 pm on the main campus in Redding, and will require some additional online instruction.  The general education classes will be offered fully online. 

For more information, call 530-242-7676, or email acebold@shastacollege.edu

Communication Studies AA-T.1001 Pathway

(sequence starting in Fall) with California State University GE pattern

Fall Semester

1st 8 Weeks 2nd 8 weeks
STU 1 (Hybrid) CMST 54 (Hybrid)
CIS 1 (Online) ENGL 1A (Online)

Spring Semester

1st 8 Weeks 2nd 8 weeks
PSYC 1A (Online) CMST 60 (Hybrid)
Elective: THTR 1 (Online) Elective: HUM 2 (Online)

Summer Term

8 Weeks
MATH 14 (Online)

Fall Semester

1st 8 Weeks 2nd 8 weeks
CMST 10 (Online) CMST 40 (Hybrid)
ENGL 1C (Online) HIST 2 (Online)

Spring Semester

1st 8 Weeks 2nd 8 weeks
CMST 20 (Online) Elective (Online)
CHEM 10/11 (Online) BIOL 5 (Online)

Summer Term

8 Weeks
Elective: POLS 2 (Online)

Why am I taking this class?

Class CSU GE Category Units Pre-requisites (grade of C or better, or counselor placement)
CMST 60 A1: Oral Communication 3 ENGL 190 or ENGL level 3+
ENGL 1A A2: Written Communication 4 ENGL 190 or ENGL level 3+
ENGL 1C A3: Critical Thinking 3 ENGL 1A
CHEM 10/11 B1/B3: Physical Science with Lab 4 N/A
BIOL 5 B2: Natural Science 3 N/A
MATH 14 B4: Quantitative Reasoning 4 MATH 114 or 102 or MATH level 6+
THTR 1 C1: Arts 3 N/A
HIST 2 C2: Humanities 3 ENGL 190 or ENGL level 3+
HUM 2 C1/C2: Arts / Humanities 3 N/A
CMST 10 D: Social Science 3 ENGL 190 or ENGL level 6+
CMST 20 D: Social Science 3 MATH 101 or MATH level 6+
PSYC 1A D: Social Science 3 MATH 101 or MATH level 6+
STU 1 E: Lifelong Learning 3 N/A
CIS 1   3 N/A
CMST 40   ENGL 190 or ENGL level 6+
CMST 54 A1: Oral Communication 3 ENGL 190 or ENGL level 6+
Elective Elective: Suggest SOC 1, ART 1, or HUM 4 3  
Elective Elective: Suggest HIST 17A or 17B 3  
Elective Elective: Suggest POLS 2 3  
  Total Units 60 Associate degrees require 60 units minimum

You must earn a "C" or better in the following classes (major and specific GE classes):

CMST 60, ENGL 1A, ENGL 1C, MATH 14, CMST 10, CMST 20, PSYC 1A, CMST 40, and CMST 54.

CSU American History and Institutions - graduation requirement for CSU Bachelor's:

HIST 17A (or HIST 17B) and POLS 2 are required as a graduation requirement from California State University campuses. They are not admissions requirements. Consider taking them as your electives if you plan to transfer to a CSU.

Communication Studies Requirements

CMST AA-T.1001 requires:

  • Core (CMST 60)
  • 6 units from List A (CMST 10, 40, 54)
  • 6 units from List B (unused List A, CMST 20, 30)
  • 3 units from List C (unused List A or B, ANTH 2, JOUR 21, PSYC 1A, SOC 1)

= total of 18 units (plus GE/electives).

This schedule is subject to change.


Last Updated November 21, 2019