The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program prepares students to become teachers and directors in programs for young children. The teaching staff and faculty at Shasta College work together to create a learning environment that models best practices for high quality early education experiences for young children and provide opportunities for observation and training for future early childhood practitioners.

The Shasta College Early Childhood Education Program is participating in a statewide Curriculum Alignment Project between California Community Colleges and participating CSU and UC systems. A twenty-four unit core of eight specific Early Childhood Education courses will articulate with participating four-year degree programs in Child Development and Early Childhood Education.

Associate of Science for Transfer (AST) in Early Childhood Education (fully online option starting Fall 2022): provides students with a common core of eight early childhood education courses that permit students to transfer smoothly to participating CSU’s and Southern Oregon University to complete a bachelor’s degree in child development or early childhood education.  ACE built in the coursework needed for the Associate Teacher Permit in the first semester of the program, as well as the option to earn two Certificates in Early Childhood Education. 

  • Certificate in Early Childhood Education: offers initial training to work with young children.  After completion of the 26-unit certificate requirements, you will qualify for employment as an entry-level teacher in private child care settings licensed through the Department of Social Services.
  • Certificate in Early Childhood Education – Family Childcare: offers students initial training for employment as a family childcare provider. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development, students are eligible for the Master Teacher and Site Supervisor levels of the CA Child Development Permit, using the Alternative Qualification category.  For information about completing a bachelor’s degree without moving away from the area, review the information about the BOLD (Bachelor’s through Online and Local Degrees) program. 

SCHOLARSHIPS for your degree! If you are currently working in a program that participates in Quality Counts North State, and are looking to continue your education, we have a scholarship that will help to cover tuition and textbooks. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Leslie Segura at

For more information, call 530-242-7676, or email

Sample map for ACE ECE pathway coming soon!

AS-T. 1002 Early Childhood Education for Accelerated College Education (ACE)

ACE is a program designed for adult students juggling work, family, and life, who cannot take 4-5 classes at a time. We have designed your educational path to consist of taking (mostly) just two classes at a time, every 8 weeks. You will get a one week break in between classes and then start your next set of 8-week classes. A traditional semester is 17 weeks in length, you will start and stop at the same time as traditional students and receive the same holiday breaks! Some classes require on-site experience in an Early Childhood Education classroom.

This sequence of classes combines the requirements for the Associate Degree for Transfer in Early Childhood Education, with the requirements for an Associate Teacher Permit, as well as Certificates in Early Childhood Education and in ECE: Family Childcare.

Fall Semester

Course Title Credits Meets Requirement(s)
Block A
ECE 17 Principles/Practices of Teaching Young Children 3 ECE AS-T and Certificates
ECE 9 Child Growth and Development 3 ECE AS-T and Certs; CSU GE Cat D
Block B
ECE 20 Intro to Curriculum 3 ECE AS-T and Certificates
ECE 2 Child, Family, Community 3 ECE AS-T and Certs; CSU GE Cat E
Full Term
ECE 94 ECE Worksite Learning (onsite experience req’d)

May be earned using Credit for Prior Learning
3 ECE Associate Teacher Permit only
Total   15  

Please Note: At this point, you are eligible for your ECE Associate Teacher Permit.

Spring Semester

Course Title Credits Meets Requirement(s)
Block A
ECE 15 Child Health, Safety and Nutrition 3 ECE AS-T and Certificates
ECE 6* Exploring Family Childcare 1 - optional ECE Cert: Family Childcare only
ENGL 1A College Composition 4 CSU GE Category A2
Block B
ECE 28 Teaching in a Diverse Society 3 ECE AS-T and Certificates
MATH** CSU GE Category B4 3 or 4 CSU GE Category B4
Total   13-15  

*ECE 6 may be offered during Block A or Block B, or may start in Block A and finish in Block B

**CSU GE Category B4  (“MATH”) can be fulfilled by a variety of classes, depending on your final educational goal:

  • Associate Degree: Recommend taking BUAD 14 – Personal Finance
  • Bachelor’s Degree in ECE: Recommend BUAD 14 – Personal Finance, SOC 3 – Statistics for the Social Sciences, or MATH 14 – Statistics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies and/or Multiple Subject Teaching Credential: Recommend MATH 41A or MATH 41B – Concepts of Elementary Mathematics (note: these courses are only taught as full semester courses, and usually in-person)
  • Master’s in Early Childhood Education: Recommend SOC 3 – Statistics for the Social Sciences, or MATH 14 - Statistics

Summer Semester

Course Title Credits Meets Requirement(s)
Block A
ENGL 1C Critical Thinking 3 CSU GE Category A3
HIST 2 World Civilization-1500 C.E. 3 CSU GE Category C2
Total   6  

Fall Semester

Course Title Credits Meets Requirement(s)
Block A
CMST 60 Intro to Public Speaking 3 CSU GE Category A1
ECE 7 Early Childhood Observation and Assessment 3 ECE AS-T and Certificates
Block B
HUM 2 Exploring the Humanities 3 CSU GE Category C1
BIOL 10 General Biology 3 CSU GE Category B2
Full Term
ESCI 12*** General Earth Science 4 CSU GE Category B1/B3
Total   16  

***This is the best physical science option if you are planning to continue for a bachelor’s in Elementary Education/Liberal Studies, but the course is taught in person. There are other CSU GE Category B1/B3 classes that are taught fully online (e.g., ESCI 14/14L - Meteorology or CHEM 10/11 - Chemistry for the Liberal Arts).

Spring Semester

Course Title Credits Meets Requirement(s)
Block A
SOC 1 or PSYC 1A Intro to Sociology or Intro to Psychology 3 CSU GE Category D
ECE 52 Guidance in Adult-Child Relations 3 - optional ECE Cert: Family Childcare only
Block B
HUM 4 Humanities Through the Film 3 CSU GE Category C1/C2
CSU GE F Ethnic Studies requirement (TBD) 3 CSU GE Category F
Full Term
ECE 8 - JV Teaching Practicum for Young Children

(on-site in-person experience required; course will involve synchronous online meetings)
3 ECE AS-T and Certificates
Total   13-15  

Please Note: At this point, you are eligible for your ECE Teacher Permit.

Associate Degree Requirements

  • Associate Degree Requirements with Certificates: 2.0 GPA and 62 to 67 units (additional units reflect choice of math class and whether ECE 6 and ECE 52 are taken). 
  • Associate Degree Requirements without Certificates: 2.0 GPA and 60 units (minimum).