You love working with people, and you want to be in a helping profession.  Or you want to better understand why people do what they do in society.  You can study Psychology (individual behavior) or Sociology (the science of society, social institutions, and social relationships) through this pathway, and be prepared to enter the workforce or transfer to a California State University, or other four-year university.

Using 8-week, compressed classes offered online (with occasional evening synchronous Zoom meetings), you can complete your Associate degree in 24 months (or less, if you have previously completed college coursework).  

This pathway also includes the prerequisites necessary to transfer to CSU Chico or Humboldt State for their Bachelor's in Social Work program available online. 

Human Services Certificate

You also have the option to complete the coursework required for the Human Services Certificates Level 1 and 2 (local social services agencies and non-profits asked Shasta College to develop these certificates for their entry level positions).

For more information, contact 530-242-7676 or

Psychology & Sociology Associate Degrees

Fall Semester

Block A Block B

Spring Semester

Block A Block B
SOC 25 ECE 1
Full Semester: HUSV 95A (Online) + HUSV 95B (On-Site Work Experience)

Summer Term

Block A

Fall Semester

Block A Block B
MATH 14 or SOC 3 HIST 2

Spring Semester

Block A Block B
HUM 2 SOC 3O (Online with synchronous Zoom meeting one night/week) 
ENGL 1C CHEM 10/11

Summer Term

8 Weeks
BIOL 5 or BIOL 10/10L
CSU GE Category F

Why am I taking this class?

Class CSU GE Category Units Major Requirement(s)
CMST 60 A1: Oral Communication 3  
ENGL 1A A2: Written Communication 4 HUSV Certificate
ENGL 1C A3: Critical Thinking 3  
CHEM 10/11 B1/B3: Physical Science with Lab 4  
BIOL 5 or BIOL 10/10L B2: Natural Science 3 PSYC AAT; CSU Pre-BSW
MATH 14 or SOC 3 B4: Quantitative Reasoning 4 PSYC & SOC AAT; CSU Pre-BSW
HUM 4 C1: Arts 3  
HIST 2 C2: Humanities 3  
HUM 2 C1/C2: Arts / Humanities 3  
PSYC 1A D: Social Science 3 HUSV Cert; PSYC & SOC AAT
SOC 1 D: Social Science 3 HUSV Cert; PSYC & SOC AAT
ECE 1 E: Lifelong Learning 3 HUSV Cert; PSYC AAT
SOC 25 D: Social Science 3 HUSV Cert; SOC AAT; CSU Pre-BSW
HUSV 70 D: Social Science HUSV Cert; CSU Pre-BSW
PSYC 25 D: Social Science 3 PSYC AAT
SOC 30 D: Social Science 3 SOC AAT
SOC 2 D: Social Science 3 SOC AAT
HUSV 12 D: Social Science 3 HUSV Cert
HUSV 14 D: Social Science 3 HUSV Cert
HUSV 95 A + HUSV 95B N/A 3 HUSV Cert; CSU Pre-BSW
CSU GE Category F F: Ethnic Studies 3  
  Total Units 66 Associate degrees require 60 units minimum; if you choose to not complete HUSV certificates, then total is 60

You must earn a "C" or better in the following classes (major and specific GE classes):

CSU GE categories A1, A2, A3, and B4; all courses required for the AAT degrees.

CSU American History and Government - graduation requirement for CSU Bachelor's:

POLS 2 and either HIST 17A or 17B are required for the graduation from a CSU campus (American History and Government requirements).  They are not required to transfer to a CSU. All three of these classes are offered in 8-week, online format.

This schedule is subject to change.


Last Updated April 12, 2022