Learn and earn with a completely ONLINE Certification in Web Design in as little as 17 weeks! Our online courses take you through basic programming, coding and scripting skills needed to earn your Level 1-Web Design Certificate in our compressed 8 week formatted classes, all from the convenience and comfort of your home computer. For more advanced programming and cutting edge skills needed to design the integrated sites business are clamoring for, stick around and earn our Level 2- Web Design certificate with another 17 weeks of advanced study—all online and in our compressed format (note: the Level 2 certificate is currently going through the review process to be formally approved).

Every business, organization, school, and government agency needs well a designed website that help communicate and interact with clients, students or members. Get a certificate in this high-demand field today and start building websites in as little as 17 weeks! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Salary.com, Web designers and developers will see average salaries around $60-$70K and have high projected job growth of 15% through 2026.

NOTE about computers for student use: it is recommended that students have access to a PC (NOT a Macintosh/Apple) computer, as most of programming software used for coding/web page design/development is created for PC computers/laptops and it can be difficult (or sometimes impossible) to find a Mac version.

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Fall Semester

1st 8 Weeks Week 9 Weeks 10 - 17
CIS 73 (Online) BUAD 71 (Online) CIS 64 (Online)
CIS 83 (Online)   CIS 94 (Online)
CIS 2 (Online): weeks 1 - 17; full semester

Spring Semester

1st 8 Weeks Week 9 Weeks 10 - 17
CIS 76 (Online) BUAD 72 (Online) CIS 7 (Online)
CIS 87 (Online)   BUAD 77 (Online)
CIS 23 (Online): weeks 1 - 17; full semester

Why am I taking this class?

Class (units) Certificate I or II Course Title Pre-requisites / Notes
ART 80A (3) I Graphic Design: fundamentals of color theory, layout, composition, and typography ART 80A not offered online; may be waived by CIS Faculty
CIS 2 (4) I Intro to Computer Science: flow charts and visual programming no prerequisites
CIS 73 (2) I no prerequisites Intro to the Adobe Suite: applications used in graphic design
CIS 83 (2) I Basic word processing/Windows knowledge Intro to Web Design: using WordPress templates to create web pages
BUAD 71 (1) I Introduction to e-Commerce: how to conduct a business online no prerequisites
CIS 64 (3) I Web Programming: adding features to websites CIS 61 advised, but not required
CIS 94 (1) I CIS Worksite Learning: work experience Instructor approval required
CIS 23 (3) II Fundamentals of SQL: beginning database CIS 1 advised, but not required
CIS 76 (3) II Mobile Applications Development: build your own app to complement your website no prerequisites
BUAD 77 (3) II Principles of Marketing: basic marketing strategies no prerequisites
BUAD 72 (1) II e-Commerce Marketing: online marketing strategies no prerequisites
CIS 7 (3) II Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimatization: how to get people to go to your website no prerequisites
CIS 87 (3) II Advanced Web Design: build your own website templates CIS 83


The Web Design Certificate Level II is pending approval.

This schedule is subject to change.


Last Updated September 6, 2019