We have identified a number of universities and colleges that offer reputable, affordable, and accessible Bachelor's degree completion programs. Every institution is slightly different in what majors they offer and how their academic terms and classes are structured.  

Basic information about type of term (semester, quarter, other), cost, and average length of time to degree are included in the University Comparison Template.

Please note, you do not have to be part of the BOLD student support program to apply to a university. The university application process is completely separate from BOLD.

University Course Format and Transfer Policy Program Dates and Lengths Overall Cost
CSU (Chico, Humboldt, Sacramento) Online. Social Work requires several in-person weekends (Chico and Humboldt)

Maximum of 70 semester community college units
Completion of an AAT or AST degree guarantees you take only 60 units at the CSU. CSU or IGETC GE pattern should be followed
  • Full-time: 2-3 years, depending on the major
  • Traditional semester (16 weeks); average of 12-15 units (4 to 5 classes) per term
  • Program start dates: Fall (August) or Spring (January)
Average of $18,884 to $23,020, depending on campus and specific major
Columbia College Online

Maximum of 81 semester community college units. Completion of an AAT or AST degree guarantees you take only 60 units at the CSU. CSU or IGETC GE pattern should be followed
  • Two 8-week blocks per semester (6 blocks per year); part-time (1 class/block) or fulltime (2 classes/block)
  • If all 81 semester units transferred in, and taking 2 classes per block, typically 7 blocks (14 months)
  • Program start dates: Jan, Feb, May, June, August, October
Average: approx. $15,000 if max transfer units are applied toward degree
National University Online

Varies: most majors are a maximum of 70 semester community college units. CSU or IGETC GE required
  • Varies depending on major: 11 to 19 months
  • One class every 4 weeks
  • Depends on major; several majors allow you to start any month
Average: AST/AAT transfers, $14,000-$17,600. Or $880/class
Southern or Eastern Oregon University Online

Maximum of 80 semester community college units (equivalent to 120 quarter units)
  • Assuming 80 units transferred: Full-time (4 classes per term): 1 full year Part-time (2 classes per term): 2 full years
  • 10-week quarters, including summer; full-time is 4 classes per term, can do part-time
  • January, end of March, June, end of September
Average: approx. $19,500-$26,000 depending on program and if maximum transfer units applied toward degree
Simpson University (ASPIRE Program) Online or in-person

Maximum of 84 semester community college units. 36 upper division units are completed at Simpson. See articulation agreement for GE pattern.
  • In-person: 12 months
    Online: 16 months
  • In-person: three 5 week courses plus one 11 week online course
    Online: 5 weeks courses
  • January, May or September
Average: approx. $19,584 if max transfer units applied toward degree. Additional units are $150/class
Western Governors University Online

Shasta College Associate degrees satisfy an average of 50-60 transferable units. Articulation is for specific majors or you must complete specific courses if major is not awarded.
  • Most people complete in 2 years, but about 25% complete in 1 – 1.5 years.
  • 6 month term; 1 course at a time, self-paced.
  • Can complete as many courses in a term as you can. Any month
2 years: approx. $12,800
1.5 yrs: approx. $9,600
1 year, approx. $6,400 ($3,200 every 6 months + $2,000 Community College partner Scholarship)


All colleges and universities listed are Regionally accredited institutions. Additional professional accreditation is sometimes required, depending on the major.

Additional universities

There are additional universities identified by the Shasta College Nursing faculty for RN to BSN programs. A similar comparison sheet is available on the BOLD website at www.shastacollege.edu/BOLD - click on “Nursing RN to BSN” for details.