The Medical Scribe Program does not have required prerequisite courses, however the pre-enrollment clinical requirements outlined below must be met prior to enrollment.

​Firstly, complete and submit the Part 1 Pre-Enrollment Packet.  Upon completion of the Part 1 Packet, students will be added to the class working list based on the date their completed packet was submitted to the Health Sciences office. Students on the list will be offered a program invitation to enroll in the class on a first come, first served basis until all class spots have been filled.  Part 1 Packets can be submitted at any time during the year.  Please note: Students who submit Part 1 Packets after July 1st may have a difficult time completing all Part 2 requirements in time for the July 15th deadline.

Those who have received a class invitation will be contacted by the Health Sciences office via email with directions to complete their Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet. The Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet is time-sensitive and should not be completed until directed to do so by the Health Sciences office.

​Fall Start

  • Part 2 – Pre-Enrollment Clinical Requirements Packets Due July 15​​ or next business day.

Part 1 - Pre-enrollment Clinical Requirements Packet Contents: secures position on the class working list

  • Clinical Requirements Checklist
    • CPR Certification
    • Immunizations
    • 1st step of the 2-Step Tuberculosis Screening​
  • Technical Standards Disclosure for Health Sciences​
  • Confidential Application for Clinical Practice
  • Student Data Form
  • Student Handbook Acknowledgement
  • Use of Electronic Device Form
  • Student Honor Contract
  • Publication Release Form
  • Assumption of Risk and Release Form
  • Typing Certificate

Part 2 Pre-enrollment Clinical Requirements Packet Contents: must be completed before students will be authorized to register in the program.  These requirements are time-sensitive and must not be completed any sooner than 90 days prior to enrollment in the program.

  • Tuberculosis Screening form​ and 2nd TB test results of the 2-Step Tuberculosis Screening
  • Health Data & Physical Exam
  • Criminal Background Clearance and Drug Screening