Please contact the Health Sciences Division at (530) 339-3662 before proceeding with the packet requirements.

A complete Part 1 Pre-Enrollment packet must be on file at the Health Sciences office to be considered for enrollment into the Medical Scribe program. Documentation for these Clinical Requirements must be submitted as a complete packet in a large envelope. Incomplete packets will not be accepted. 

Packet Instructions

  • ​Print the Part 1 Pre-En​rollment Packet. Use the Pre-Enrollment Clinical Requirements Checklist (page 1) as a guide in completing all the steps. 
  • Proceed with Steps A-E.
    • Step A - Clinical Requirements Checklist: Complete the Clinical Requirement Checklist and submit copies of your original vaccine record or lab test results (titers) showing immunity and Step 1 of the 2-step TB screening. Document TB Screening results and Influenza vaccine on the Clinical Requirements Checklist form. (Attach supporting documentation, including TB Screening result and proof of flu vaccine administration.)  For more information, visit the Other Programs Immunization Information page.
    • Step B - Technical Standards Disclosure Sheet:  Review the standards and initial each of the areas in which compliance with standard is possible on the Technical Sta​ndards Disclosure​ form. Medical assisting can be a physically demanding profession; students should be prepared to meet the technical standards necessary to perform the functions of medical assisting.
    • Step C - Confidential Application for Clinical Practice: Document on t​he Confidential App form. This form is the initial step to completing the criminal background check. This form discloses to Shasta College (confidentially) the existence of any criminal convictions. 
    • Step D - Student Data Form: The information on the Student Data Form​​ will be kept on file while you are enrolled in the program.  It is your responsibility to notify the Health Sciences office of any changes in your contact information by filling out the Contact Information Change Form​.
    • Step E - Signed Acknowledgement Forms:
    • Step G - Typing Certificate - A 5-minute professional typing certificate issued by a staffing service or college course reflecting a typing speed of 55 words per minute (wpm) with 98% accuracy must be included.
  • When complete, bring your materials to the Health Sciences Division office.​

Once all the required documentation has been received by the Health Sciences office, staff will review the materials and verify completion. Your name will be added to the Class Working List based on the date you submitted the complete Part 1 packet. When a class position is available for you, the Health Sciences office will email you a Class Invitation.

The Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet is time-sensitive and should not be completed until directed by the Health Sciences office. Students who have been offered enrollment will be emailed instructions when it is time to complete the Part 2 packet.

Click here to go to the Part 2 Packet page with forms and instructions​.​