Associate in Science for Transfer | SC Program: AS-T.1001

Academic Plan

An academic plan shows all the courses you need to graduate and a suggested order in which you should take them. To make your personalized comprehensive education plan, please make an appointment with a counselor.

Requirements: Students must complete either the CSU or the IGETC general education pattern.

Fall Semester - First Year

Course Title Credits
ENGL 1A*# College Composition 4 Units
MATH 14*# Introduction to Statistics 4 Units
BUAD 10 Introduction to Business 3 Units
ACCT 2 Introduction to Financial Accounting 4 Units
  TOTAL 15 Units

Spring Semester - First Year

Course Title Credits
ENGL 1B*# Literature and Composition or other CSU A3 course 3 Units
CMST 60*# Public Speaking or other CSU A1 course 3 Units
HUM 2*# Exploring Humanities or other CSU C2 course 3 Units
ACCT 4 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 4 Units
CIS 1 Computer Literacy Workshop 3 Units
  TOTAL 16 Units

Fall Semester - Second Year

Course Title Credits
BUAD 6 Business Law I 3 Units
ART 4*# World Art or other CSU C1 course 3 Units
HIST 2/3*# World Civilization or other CSU C course 3 Units
ECON 1A*# Principles of Economics (Micro) 3 Units
ESCI 12*# General Earth Science or other CSU B1/B3 w/Lab 4 Units
  TOTAL 16 Units

Spring Semester - Second Year

Course Title Credits
ECON 1B*# Principles of Economics (Macro) 3 Units
BIOL 10*# General Biology or other CSU B2 course 3 Units
HIST 17A/B*# United States History or other CSU D course 3 Units
HUSV 60* Life Management or other CSU E course 3 Units
ELECTIVE Transfer Elective Course #1-99 1 Unit
  TOTAL 13 Units

Please see a counselor to choose general education classes required for this degree. You can schedule an appointment online or call (530) 242-7724.

*May be used to fulfill CSU General Education requirements.

#May be used to fulfill IGETC requirements.

**Number will vary depending on units that double count.

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